20 Little Things

Little things that can make your day:

1. When you need an emergency massage and your therapist can only fit you in for half an hour. You arrive to your appointment and the person after you has cancelled so you get a full hour!

2. The parking meter you’ve stopped at still has 55 minutes left on it.

3. A break in the clouds letting in the sun.

4. A perfectly ripe mango at the grocery store.

5. Lunch with a friend you’ve known since high school.

6. Having a “good hair day” without even trying. Wake up and comb.

7. The baby in the cart at the grocery store line up blowing you kisses.

8. Having the repeat of your favourite television be the only episode you’ve ever missed.

9. Having the neighbor’s snooty, temperamental cat come up to you for a cuddle.

10. Humming random Christmas carols throughout the day.

11. Finding the missing piece of a puzzle.

12. Peanut butter on marshmallows.

13. Having exactly enough on a gift card to buy that perfect sweater.

14. Falling into a novel.

15. Toe socks.

16. Finding the $48 bottle of wine you drank at a fancy restaurant for $18 at the liquor store.

17. Finding your recorder from elementary school and remembering how to play “Three Blind Mice.”

18. Pina Colada flavoured Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

19. Finding your really old and wonderfully soft Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt you thought you lost, washing it and having it smell of fabric softener.

20. Planning a dream vacation to Tuscany on Travel websites.

What are some of the little things that made your day?


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