” A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”

The new Star Wars movie has just opened in theatres and although I won’t be standing in line as an ardant fan I admit I’m a wee bit excited about going to see it.  The first trilogy was streaming on t.v. the other night and once I got over how dated the filming was I settled in and enjoyed the evening, not because I’m hugest “Star Wars” fanatic, but because I started remembering where I was in my life when I watched them for the first time. The vividness of my childhood thoughts and feelings at the time came back in one prepubescent, insecure, “crushin’ on Han Solo” rush.

I was in elementary school when “Star Wars” was released. All of my friends were talking about it but I hadn’t seen it yet when the family went skiing in Jasper with family friends. One evening, all pink cheeked and bright-eyed from being out in the snow that day, my parents allowed my sisters and I to walk the couple of blocks from the hotel to the theater to watch the film. I remember the darkened street. The quietness of the traffic. Getting momentarily frightened by the herd of deer in the middle of the sidewalk. Having to dodge other wildlife that had found their way into the resort town after the setting of the sun.

I remember sitting in the theater, waiting in anticipation when finally the film started. The music was epic, the running text narration at the beginning, then the loud noise of the space ship making me jump in my seat. It was my first real appreciation for science fiction. My favorite characters? C-3PO and R2-D2 of course. I LOVED it. And part of the reason I loved it was because my parents allowed my sisters and I with our friends to walk to the theater and to view the film independent of parental supervision.

“The Empire Strikes Back”. Summer holidays of Jr. High. The first time I went was with my sister. I was totally devastated that Han Solo was frozen in “carbonite” at the end. Was Han going to survive the freezing process? Were he and Princess Leia going to be together? What was a “Jabba the Hutt” anyway? It was all so HORRIBLY unresolved. I was distraught enough afterwards to get all itchy and unsettled inside…wanting to be alone. .. not minding sweeping out granaries alone because I wanted to mourn Han Solo’s potential demise in solitude.

I went a second time with my friend Kim, thinking that if I just watched the film again I would be able to get some answers. I would be able to surmise whether or not Han would return. There was NO way I could wait the three years it took to make the next film. IT WOULD BE THREE YEARS OF PURGATORY!

heavy *SIGH*…

Three years later, when I was in high school, “Return of the Jedi” arrived in the theaters. By then I was so wrapped up in the drama of my own reality I couldn’t escape to that wonderful level of enthrallment the first two movies provided. I went with friends, that much I remember, and we probably went out for pizza and talked about boys afterwards. Sadly Han Solo took a back seat to perceived romances with clueless, “half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder” high school boys.

The first Star Wars trilogy will always be close to my heart because of its capacity for “taking me back” to times when life was simple enough to actually devote my entire self to escaping… even for an hour or two.

What film is there in your life that conjures up more personal memories than plot recollection? But more importantly, how often do you take the time to watch them in order to remind yourself of how simple life can be.

This week I hope to sit in the theater and for a couple of hours and be transported back to my 13 year old self where the heaviness of being an adult is gloriously replaced by “The Force”.


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  1. When i was younger this new movie had come out called ‘avatar’ and me and my parents went to see it. My mom had told me all about the movie and how long it took to make it and everything else about it. When we went to go see it i can remember how cold it was in the theater and me and my brother sat patiently as we waited for it to start and then the loud music and lights and it came at once then it started. My whole family starred in amaze as the movie kept going in was a 3 hour long movie at the end of it we all went home talking about how good it was and what parts we liked the most and all that kind of stuff when it came a few months after my dad came home the night it was released and we watched it again he had never been the type of guy to like to watch the same movie lots but we would watch it once a month at least then just 2 years he went out and bought a new 3D television and he had bought another avatar but the 3D version and opened the TV up put it together got the movie and opened it up he just loved the movie so much. It was the movie him and his brother watched they week he came to visit the following summer he passed away the movie has a lot of emotional attachment to him and our family we haven’t watched it since he was here to visit. My dad i think plans on watching it again he does still talk about the movie and he tells me that they are making a second one which i hope comes out soon because i would really like to take my dad to it and see it i think he is excited to see it but he doesn’t show much emotion. That movie gives me lots of memories because I’ve watched it with so many people and it seems to never get old when i watch it seems to never get old and we can keep watching it and there is so much going on and we don’t wanna get up or leave we wanna stay through the whole thing and i just enjoy be able to watch a movie that the whole family.

  2. Star Wars, My Dad and I
    Star wars means something to me because that first time I watched A New Hope I was about 6. I had two younger siblings both were under the age of 2 so they had both of my parents attention all of the time. My dad took care of one while my mom took care of the other one. I was feeling really left out of the family and that’s when my dad decided that we would watch Star Wars together; just him and I. I got really excited over this because it wasn’t very often that I got to do something without my siblings around. We watched the first movie “A New Hope” together on the big TV in the basement.
    After watching that movie I really wanted to watch the next one so the next time we had time my dad and I went down to the basement just him and I to watch the next movie. However in this movie “The Empire Strikes Back” there was the Wampa Beast. I was only 6 and there wasn’t anything like it in the first movie so I was not expecting anything like it and it really scared me. That night I was scared to go to bed and I never wanted to watch another “Star Wars” movie again.
    It was a long time before I was ready to watch “Star Wars” again but eventually I did. The only problem was that I had waited too long. My dad decided that one of my younger siblings was old enough to come and watch it with us. I was not happy with this decision “Star Wars” was supposed to be our movies; the movies we watched with just the two of us. It wasn’t the same with my sister there; she kept asking questions about everything and wouldn’t sit quietly and just watch the movie. She wanted to know everything and wouldn’t stop talking until she got what she wanted. She was stubborn that way and I tried to get my dad to make her either be quiet or leave but he wouldn’t. He said that she wasn’t hurting anyone and that it was time that we included her when we were watching movie. He said that she was old enough now. I thought that she was hurting things; this was supposed to be my just my time with my dad with no siblings around but now she was there. She was always there.
    After that it wasn’t very often that I got to watch movie without either of my siblings; they were always following me around and wouldn’t let me just watch a movie without them. The worst part was that they were still little; they were 4 and 2. Kids that young can’t sit still through a whole movie. They would get up and run around or play with the foam hop-scotch that we had for them.
    “Star Wars” remains to this day a movie that my dad and I to watch together sometimes with and sometimes without my siblings.

  3. The movie that really stood out in my childhood was “Spider-man” , I have so many memories in my life that i get reminded of whenever I watch this movie or even think about it that the memories are permanent. I watched this movie in Dallas,Texas when i was 4 and i seemed to like it a lot, watching it over and over. Since I was so young I cant quite remember who I watched it with but I for sure know I had a good time.I haven’t been in the U.S for 7 years now, but I remember a whole bunch of things from when I was there because of the feelings I got, during the movie of a person who was bullied in school turning into a hero ,saving others from bad guys on the street and getting the girl. I was always excited before I watched the movie. I had no other feeling because I enjoyed the movie so much. I now hate seeing other people get bullied and treated unfairly. Ever since I have fallen in love most with spider-man. I’m not as crazy about it as I was when I was a kid but i still get the chills when I hear that there is gonna be a new Spider-man movie. The time I was most excited to see a spider-man movie was when Spider-man 3 was in theaters.

  4. The End/Dead! by My Chemical Romance

    When I first heard these two songs, I actually thought they were one song put together, If you’ve ever heard the songs, you would probably understand why. They’re the first two songs on the album, and the transition is in a single word, flawless. The first song (The End) starts out with the steady beeping of a heart monitor, and it brings to mind an image of the standard little line, rising up and down, gradually getting louder as it goes. The lyrics are sad, which one can expect from a band like My Chemical Romance, especially in this album, “The Black Parade” which in my opinion is the saddest album they have. I have a few favourite lines in this song, one of which is

    So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot/You might wake up and notice you’re someone you’re not which transitions in an instant to If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see/You can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me And after some loud guitar, a little bit of sadness, and some amazing drum and bass, we eventually get to When I grow up I want to be nothing at all! Which is a little relatable for many people, which is quite the important thing for a musician, band, or artist of any type. That song ends with guitar riffs gradually getting higher, and then we finally get to “Dead!”

    Now, if I had to choose a favourite between these two, “Dead!” would win, hands down. Maybe it’s because it starts off with more bass and the sound of a heart flat lining in the background, maybe it’s because the guitar seems more intricate. Who really knows, it’s just amazing. This time the lyrics aren’t as sad as they are amazingly angsty, which is a nice turn from the previous song. I mean don’t get me wrong, the lyrics are still really, really sad, but they have this underlying tone of anger and just, a different tone altogether with all things consider.

    There are also, of course, some amazing lyrics in this song too. The very first verse ends off on And if you get to heaven/I’ll be here waiting, babe/Did you get what you deserve?/The end, and if your life won’t wait/Then your heart can’t take this Which is as always, pretty bloody amazing to hear for some reason. This verse transitions quickly into the chorus, which starts off as Have you heard the news that you’re dead?/No one ever had much nice to say/I think they never liked you anyway Which is, for anyone who has ever seriously considered death and what it entails, is a pretty big fear. That you’ll die and there won’t be anything nice to say, people will say they never liked you anyway, and you’ll just be dead above all. The next verse starts off nicely with Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish/You never fell in love/Did you get what you deserve? Which again brings up the whole “deserving” thing. Like what did this person deserve anyway? Like did were they terrible and deserved all of Hell, or did they deserve Heaven? I’d say it depends on the mood you’re in when you hear it, because it alternates for me for sure. The lyrics also get even better during in the next chorus, which contains the words Wouldn’t it be grand to take a pistol by the hand?/And wouldn’t it be great if we were dead? Which is a little concerning to hear, but it’s still pretty masterful. Like, 10/10 lyric writing in my opinion. That chorus transitions into a bridge that’s low and muttered, which isn’t extremely good, but is still nice to hear when you listen to it. After a few “la la la’s” that still manage to sound bitter and angsty, we get to a shouted ending which is amazing. The lyrics to that part basically consist of If life ain’t just a joke /Then why are we laughing?/If life ain’t just a joke /Then why am I dead?/DEAD! Which is great to hear. Absolutely great, with the back track of guitars and everything else, it’s the best two songs on the album and the best musical transition I have ever heard for sure.

  5. Good Will Hunting
    It was the end of elementary school, the transition into Junior High. I was only 12 years old. I see it as a very confusing time for any kid that age. You’re stuck in the middle, not knowing where to draw the line on your childhood and begin your adolescent years. I’ll be honest I remember that summer as being one of my toughest, not necessarily because of what was going on around me but what was going on inside of me. That was when I seen the movie Good Will Hunting for the first time.
    My dad was the one who encouraged me to watch it. I thought it was a joke at first. The movie only made me more confused than I already was, but as time went on it became clearer to me with every year that passed. Exactly like Matt Damon’s character in the movie, my thoughts were maturing. I just didn’t see it back then. Now I look back on that film and see the way his character turns out in the end and I realized that the movie may have had a much larger effect on my life than I may have thought it had.
    Last year I made a decision that whatever happens in my current situation no matter how disheartening it may be I must always focus on the endgame. The reason I understand that movie now and not then is because I didn’t have anything figured out back then. I had no plan, no action, and no hope. It was that kind of boxed in lack of thinking that made me feel like I was going nowhere. If I would have realized then that there was an endgame. That at some point I would have at least some of it figured out I could’ve coped with that situation a lot better than I did.
    I haven’t watched that movie since then and I still remember certain parts of it almost clear as day, even though I just disregarded it at that point in time. There must have been some part of my mind that just knew that I would want to hang onto that for later on in life. There must be some other part of your subconscious that hides in the back of your brain completely separate from your normal thinking that catches memories and lessons that just slip through the cracks of your shallow mind. It’s funny how it took me years to understand the lesson of the movie but when I finally did get it gave me the wisdom to recognize and appreciate each of those moments in time. I’m thankful that my mind kept that movie safeguarded for now when my mind isn’t as foggy and I can reflect on my past, appreciate the present, and look to my future all at the same time.

  6. Although at the age I am at now it is all about clothes, makeup, boys, school, and the occasional average teenage job; there is always that one movie that can bring you back to a time where stress wasn’t a word anyone recognized. As childish as this movie is it brings back a lot of good memories and reminds me of a simpler time. And although I haven’t seen it in forever I could only imagine receiving the chance to be able to go back.
    I wish I could go back to the time where all I had to worry about was whether I could see the new movie and whether it would be warm enough to go outside and play with my neighborhood friends. When I was 7, High School Musical was my everything.
    There are numerous memories associated with the innocent plot of High School Musical. The first time I watched it I was lounged back in a fuzzy blanket sitting in the back of my parent’s Sequoia. Despite the bright light streaming from the sun that interfered with the view of the DVD player hanging from the roof of the vehicle, my sister and I watched High School Musical on repeat for the whole ten-hour drive to our vacation home. That was the beginning of the most memorable trip.
    We continued to watch it when we got to the house…constantly…wrapping my whole family, including my Auntie, Uncle, and cousins to watch it as well. I remember Troy Bolton, otherwise known as Zac Efron being my first childhood crush. And it absolutely crushed me to realize that he wasn’t the actual person behind the outstanding voice that he projected when he sang. I dreamed of being Gabriella Montez, or Vanessa Hudgens, as I dreamed of being able to have that high school love life when I was a kid. They went from being absolute strangers to being the theatrical and couple that many young girls dream of when they are young.
    High School Musical doesn’t just remind me about the innocence of being a child but there are also many memories associated with this particular movie. That year wasn’t just the most memorable trip because of High School Musical, but High School Musical brings back all these flashbacks. That year I had also accidentally broken a chandelier with a Wii remote and the house ended up being infested with mice. Despite how the trip didn’t end in the ideal family vacation, it is a childhood memory I will never forget.
    I continued to watch the rest of the series and had many dance parties, karaoke events, and skits between me and my childhood friends. High School Musical was a movie that built up my imagination, creativity, and beautiful singing voice. It will always be a movie I can go back too in order to forget about reality and recollect all the wonderful childhood memories that made those years so special and contributed to the person I am today.

  7. My Dad was working out in Lloydminster for a few months since the company he worked for at the time wanted him out there to help with a few new oil rigs. He was only able to come back every so often. But one time when he came back during the winter the Harry Potter And the Half Blood Prince. So we decided to get some tickets and go to the movie. Even though there was lots of snow outside we all piled into the truck and drove to the theatre. This was one of the first times I had seen my Dad in a few months. Since I really never seen my Dad cause of his job, to me it was really cool that he came home and we all went to a movie instead of staying at home in the cold winter. After the movie we all went home and talked about the movie and just hang out for the weekend until he had to leave. Even now we still talk about it ever once in awhile and just watch whenever it comes on t.v.

    Seeing as Lloydminster was so far away it’s not like he was able to come home every day like he usually would. And since he was always working and I was at school or outside with friends I still rarely ever got to talk to him on the phone much. But since we seen the new Harry Potter which is one of my favorite book series and was cool to see a new movie I was waiting forward to seeing when it came out. We all tried to guess what was going to happen in the next movie seeing as movies never really follow exactly in line with the books. It wasn’t a really crowded theatre the auditorium was practically empty due to others working and getting home from school since we went right after school had ended there wasn’t to many people there so we could sit really anywhere we wanted and we were able to talk about the movie without being a huge disturbance to others.

    It was just a cool experience to me that I got to see my Dad and have fun before he had to go back to work for another few weeks until we got to see him again with using the webcam on our computer. It reminds me of how you should appreciate and do things with others in the time that you can before they are gone and you realise that there was so much time wasted sitting around and not talking to each other. But by the time he went back to work we had done more than just watching a movie, and we might have done things that were more fun but going to the movie was the most memorable part of that weekend. So as he went back I dont know if he remember much about the movie, but to me it was one of my favorite weekends ever in the past few years.

  8. “Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated”
    By: Bryanna Lemay
    Halloween only comes one time a year and when that time comes I over indulge in the Halloweentown series. The series seems to be a comfort movie to me. Every time I watch it I seem to just relax and the time flies by, I have always loved these movies ever since I was a child. I found I could relate to it as a child in very small ways and I always remember it bringing good childhood memories.
    The first time I watched the first Halloweentown I was in elementary school, it was either grade 4 or 6. After the very first time I was in love, it was instantly my favorite movie. I honestly think my mom got so annoyed with watching it over and over and over again with me. Not only did I make her watch the first one with me but the second, third and fourth as well. I found that I never really cared for the last one as much as the first three. I think that’s because they had a different actor playing the role of Marnie Piper.
    Even throughout junior high it still was by far my favorite movie and once October 1st hit all four of the movies was already out. Whether I watched them with friends, family or myself I watched them frequently throughout October. I have probably watched all of them over fifty times throughout my whole life so far. I know for sure that number will just keep doubling probably every year. Even when I have my own little family they will also probably get annoyed with how many times I make them watch it.
    In the start of high school I continue to watch the series because it reminds me of my childhood and spending quality time with my loved ones. I don’t care how many times I watch it because it always seems to give me a warm, comforting feeling. Something about watching the scenes play out in front of my eyes as Marnie exclaims that nobody appreciates her sense in weird stuff. I never seemed to tell anyone about my addiction to this movie when the that time of year rolled around until I worked up the courage to tell one of my best friends that we were watching it when she slept over that following weekend. She was so pumped because that was her favorite movie as well.
    After that weekend I was so happy because I wasn’t worried what people would think if they found out I watched kiddie movies even at my age. I was happy I could watch them with my close friends and leave me with more memories and feelings when I watched them again the next year. I understood that it didn’t matter how old I was or even what movie it is but that if you find something that makes you happy you shouldn’t give it up for anyone. No matter who it is or how close you are to them.

  9. Charlotte’s Web and Good Company

    I don’t remember the walk nor who’s tiny fingers were gripped tightly onto the rope we were told to hold were in front of me when we walked from my elementary school to the towns “O’Brien Theatre”. If you were to understand anything about Arnprior, Ontario, know that it is an extremely small town that contains not much more than Jim’s restaurant (which was the real hangout), a “No Frills”, Stinson’s gas station, the public library, a Royal bank of Canada, First Choice Hair Care, and the O’Brien Theatre; so when my school (as small as it was), had the chance to experience a movie at the theatre, I was ecstatic! So my six-year old self-kept up with my classmates to soon arrive at the movie that’s title was kept a secret from the students.
    I remember walking to the theatre playing “don’t touch the crack”, where we would jump over the cracks in the sidewalk to keep our mothers safe from “breaking” their backs (a rhyme that I know too well even today). My only dilemma from this event was who I was going to sit beside at the theatre. I knew I would have one seat on each side of me, so I had to decide who and where they would sit beside me. Would it be my dearest friend Emily V who I spent more time at her house then my own (or, at least, it felt like that), my other friend Emily M who did not get along with Emily V, or my elementary crush, Corey, whom’s feelings with each other were mutually shared. Corey was in a grade higher than me so was forced to sit with his own grade rather than mine. I ended up sitting at the end of my row, beside the aisle next to Emily V, which hadn’t bothered me too much because I had more space to place my small, yellow bag of popcorn.
    The movie had begun and the rumors of what movies were playing were debunked when the movie title “Charlotte’s Web” appeared on the big screen. I didn’t mind this movie because I really had no knowledge of the film. I had heard of it before and knew that it had somewhat to do with a pig and a young girl with golden, blonde hair.
    The movie continued but the children’s attention spans got smaller and smaller. I discreetly remember turning around to look a few rows behind me at Corey and seeing him fast asleep, shifting his body weight to the armrest. I felt just the same as he did. This movie was not entertaining whatsoever so to my six-year-old antsy pants. This movie reminded me of “Home On The Range”, which also included farm animals and did not interest me. So I, along with my fellow classmates awaited the moment when the words “The End” would appear in large font, and our walk back to school that would include more “don’t touch the crack” and knock-knock jokes.
    Since then I have not re-watched the movie and I frankly don’t plan on it. It’s not the fact that the movie was awful, but the concept of a pig’s journey on a farm homestead did not arouse my interests. However, I am sincere when I say that I was grateful for the company of my best friend Emily V and a small “7-Up” during the utterly, dull film.

  10. The Name’s Ruptash, Zach Ruptash

    I quaintly remember the experience of watching my first James Bond show with my father in my home years ago. It was exhilarating. We sat on my couch in my basement and watched “James Bond License to Kill”. I immediately fell in love with the idea of being a spy. I even went to go see “Quantum of Solace” in theatres when I was just 8 years old. It became a tradition of sorts to go and watch the new Bond movie opening night together. We have seen the latest Daniel Craig movies all the way up the series to the latest film that came out last year “Spectre”. These movies are iconic of my bond with my father because it is prime example of our tradition to go watch movies opening night together.

    The entire series (even the earliest films from the 50’s and 60’s) is still one of my favorite movie series to watch because every time I am just reliving a memory with my father or making a new one to remember. My favorite movie of them all is definitely Casino Royale because of the scene where James bond and his enemy La Chiffre are having a poker face off and James gets a straight flush and wins all of La Chiffre’s money. My best experience with my dad was when we went to “Spectre” opening night last year.

    Due to our shared DNA i guess we both have such a great taste in movies if you couldn’t tell. It has been our tradition to go and watch as many movies as we can together whenever movies come out. It is so much fun whenever I get to see a movie with him and I truly hope I get to go see so many more with that man. He is my idol for a lot of my life and i am just grateful to share some great memories with one of my favorite series. I hope to be able to continue my one of my favorite traditions and watch the new James Bond movie whenever it may come out.

  11. I remember me at a young age, like 12 or something, and having my parents tell me and my brother we were going to see a movie. And as always me and my brother were fairly excited, since we obviously love movies, and hanging out around with friends. If you don’t like watching movies and hanging with friends you’re probably weird.

    When I was at the theater, I can still remember myself meeting up with friends and we would stand there talking about what we think the movie would be like whether it seemed crappy or a good film. We would usually wait a solid half hour just to get our stupid tickets. While I would stand on their dirty fricken floors!
    Then we would advance to pay for our overpriced food, which no matter what I get I’m probably leaving the theater feeling fairly sick. Me and my friends usually have to wait another hour just to get the food and half and hour if we are lucky. Once we are finished paying for our overpriced food that our parents paid for, thank God! We finally start heading on towards the stupid film, carrying way to much food we will actually eat.

    When we reach the theater we start walking towards our seats, and out parents were sensible and sat in the middle of the theater, while us idiots decided to sit in the very front, how stupid! On my way down the aisle to reach my poorly chosen seat I could just smell the popcorn and feel it on the bottom of my shoes, knowing that crap wont come out anytime soon. When me and my friends sit down I can already feel the poor decision making we made on my neck! While we are seated we have to wait patiently for those stupid previews that are either way to loud or way to boring!

    Once, we finish watching the useless previews about Scotiabank and all that stupid crap, we finally get to watch our movie. But that plan usually fails because once it starts I can already feel the popcorn poking me in the face cause my friends never know how to eat it without hitting me in the face a couple times! And once that happens I can feel the popcorn getting sucked into my shirt or jacket, and I sit there knowing it’s not coming out into the movie ends.

  12. The Hobbit

    The Hobbit is special to me because it’s the one movie that I connect with to my dad, he doesn’t watch movies very often and it’s even more rare to watch movies with me or my brother. It’s a treat when he watches movies with us and this is one of the movies that he watched with me.

    The Hobbit is one of my favorite movies and I wanted to share it with my dad, I convinced him to watch it with me and to my surprise, he said yes. So I ran and put on the movie, I turned off the lamp and shut the dark black curtains. I sat down on the couch with my dad, but left a cushion in between us. The movie started playing; I felt some connection bond us; and that made the movie mean so much to me.

    As the movie went on, I kept looking over at my dad; he was slouching a bit and was holding his head up with his arm, the other draped over the back of the couch. He had a blanket over top of his legs and a pillow between the side of his body and the couch itself. He eyes were glued to the screen as the film continued to play. Unlike my position on the other side, my knees were brought up to my chest, I clutched a blanket to my body and several pillows were around me, I was also leaning up against the couch. I’m sure we looked like total opposites.

    Then the part I knew I would hate, the cave scene with Gollum. This character scares me and I’ve had many nightmares about him, he’s just so ugly and the way speaks freaks me out. My dad knew this, the thing about him that he does, is that he can imitate Gollum’s voice perfectly. He loved to bother me with the voice; many times he will just say it randomly… “Precious”… in the freaky voice of Gollum. I would always freak out and jump around, waving my arms around by my ear like somehow it would make the memory go away.

    Anyways, we reached the part and as soon as I saw the hunched over, gray creature named Gollum, showed up in the frame, I moved up into the couch, practically sitting on the top edge of the couch, I knew if I moved anymore I would be falling to the ground. My dad was looking between the screen where Gollum and Bilbo were talking about games and laughing at me trying to get away from the gray, hunched over creature without getting away from the movie. Gollum seemed so real in this scene to me, like he would almost pop out of the screen.

    Finally, Bilbo said his final riddle… “What is in my pocket?”… It was the greatest riddle of the movie and of course the directors made it so we knew what was in his pocket and Gollum did not. I don’t think I was so scared when Gollum got it wrong and went insane; the darker side of Gollum came out, the scarier side. The side I never want to see again, the side where my nightmares came into play. Bilbo ended up getting away and we finish the scene with Gollum going insane about finding his precious and knowing he had lost it.
    This scene, this movie, will always be with me as a bonding time with my dad and what we do as fun and what we do to say “I love you” to each other.

  13. My parents were always working. They never really paid attention to me until I would disrupt them. And when my parents did have time we would sit down and watch a movie, until my horrid sister would come home. She was 2 at the time and thought that all the attention had to be on her. But the joke was on her once my parents enrolled her in daycare. we didn’t have to worry about her. It was a nice warm summer day in the month of August. A day to be spent outside being active and having fun. But that could wait for another day because today was the day that my sister was gone, parents were off work and had time to watch a movie of my mother’s choice. She chose to watch Tron Legacy. I thought it was a terrible idea due to the rates the movie got. But I gave in and decided to watch it because I knew that this would be one of only a few chances to watch a movie with my mother. We watched the movie in our basement with bowls filled to the brim with popcorn. Just as any other family, we had spots on the couch. After we all got settled into our spots, we began the movie. It was an acceptable movie. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but it was special to me because it was the one movie I was able to watch uninterrupted and with my mother. The smell of popcorn filled the air as we watched the movie. During the movie, I checked everyone’s expressions to see if they were having a good time. My mother had a smile larger than I had ever seen, while my father had fallen asleep not even half way through the movie. It was during this time that the protagonist had said “Until I dropped out”. He was talking about college and how he dropped out. All of a sudden my mother turned her head towards me with a very serious expression and said “If you ever drop out of college I will drive down there and cut your legs off so that you can’t leave”. I found this very funny because of course I knew she wouldn’t actually do that. This was a time that I had mourned for, a moment where we could share a good laugh alone without disruptions. I watched the movie to make my mother happy because she works harder than most of the people at the company, so I decided that that day had to be spent doing what she wanted to do and what she wanted to watch. We were entering the end of the movie when my mother’s phone had rung. I felt the feeling of loneliness even though both of my parents were beside me. This was because right away I knew that they would have to leave. I was right. We didn’t get to finish the movie that day and I regret all the time wasted before the movie; like making the popcorn and getting the drinks. The movie had been going so well even though I didn’t want to watch it. I knew it wasn’t my fault but I feel as though I could’ve changed something that day to ensure the movie with my parents had been completed.

  14. It was the moment when my parents told my brother and I we were moving from our house in Calgary. We were devastated at first but a little spark of excitement broke through when we realized the thought of beginning at a completely new school, new house and the best part new friends! This particular show started the beginning of my new life, a statement of growing up in a new town. It brings back glorious memories and thoughts that created my childhood, and one day to be able to go back and preview this film and series again would only brighten my spirit and recollect my life from the past.

    It was the beginning of the trip, my grandma drove my brother and I down while my parents drove the moving van. My brother and myself had thrown in our huge collection of Scooby Doo tapes and movies in the vehicle. The whole trip down to our new home we watched countless minutes of Scooby Doo, which become a Scooby Doo marathon. We Snuggled up in warm blankets and pillows. I remember continuously watching it and hoping to never be interrupted…. When we got to our location of our house we were interrupted and noticed that this was an older house and looked not as exciting as I thought. It seemed smaller because I had to share a room with my younger brother. I was six years old at the time and my brother was four. My parents gave us the privilege to have the big, clunky boxed television and a VCR player in our room, and beside it we had enormous amounts of anything Scooby Doo to movies to the cartoon shows to even stuffed animals. Every night before bed I recall watching Scooby doo with my brother, laughing, and imagining meeting the Scooby Doo gang. At my years of age I loved Daffine. I thought she was gorgeous and brave in all the mysterious they solved. My brother loved Scooby and how he could eat all the time, especially Scooby Snacks. This film doesn’t just resemble my childhood but many memories and experiences of my life that created a part of who I am today. I currently don’t live in that house anymore. I moved when I was twelve years old ( junior high) to a nicer, newer house twenty minutes away closer to the city. I basically grew up in that farmhouse. I don’t remember much of Calgary because I was so young. The old house was my childhood home I grew up in and learned life lessons in. So many memories rush through my head when I watch Scooby Doo because that’s what my brother and I did all the time. Scooby Doo was a statement of my childhood life and a personal trigger of memories.

    It has been awhile since I’ve watched Scooby Doo but it is definitely a show that built up my creativity, imagination, and the idea of teamwork in situations that occur in life. It has always been a show to make me laugh and be happy. It will always be the number one film to look back on to escape my reality of being a teenager and all the drama, gossip, relationships, and school torture I encounter on a daily basis. Scooby Doo is an intelligent movie that I love which contributed to my childhood years that made it so special and unique in its own way.

  15. When I was 6 I remember being so energetic and couldn’t stay still, so my parents sat me down at a TV screen at my house and Showed me “Toy Story”. I was amazed by the fact that toys were living and walking around and I wondered if my race cars would race each other while I was sleeping. I remember waking up to the sound of my Dad’s voice in the morning waking me up to watch Toy Story, I watched it every morning before I went to school and I was just lost in the movie, I wanted to be Buzz Lightyear, I never got sick of the movie.
    The movie impacted me at a young age, I remember telling my friends about the movie and telling them that they have to watch it. I had convinced my best friend at the time to come over and watch it with me, so I put the movie on and we sat down to watch it, at the end of the movie all I did was talk about the movie and play with all the army men that I begged my mom to get me. We played with them all day till his mom came and picked him up. The movie helped me share the love I had for it and it made me happy that I had someone to share it with.
    The movie is about friendship and fear, the movie is based on fear because Woody is afraid that Andy will replace him with another toy and he will no longer be the leader of his group, so him and Buzz end up fighting and the rest of the toys end up turning on Woody because of his actions. Woody’s worst fear catches up with him because Andy is trying to find Buzz but can’t because of Woody’s past actions, Andy ends up taking Woody to Pizza Planet , but Buzz catches up to them and makes his way to Andy, long story short both Woody and Buzz end up in a mean kids house, but the end up escaping and Woody and Buzz put aside their differences and become good friends.
    The movie made me treat people with respect and don’t treat them badly because theey are talking with my friends.

  16. When I was in grade four my parents and I always had Friday movie nights, it was an evening to eat pizza and drink ice tea in my basement while watching a exhilarating movie. This Friday was not one of the regular movie nights where we would watch a boring action movie about something irrelevant. This movie night my parents rented a movie about football, something at the time I knew nothing about. The movie was called “The Blindside” and it changed my life, at the time I only played one sport Skiing and it was only in winter. My parents were always encouraging me to play soccer. Even when I was a little guy I still hated soccer so they were trying to find me another sport. They didn’t even realize football was an option and neither did I.

    “The Blindside” is an incredible tale of how an unfortunate individual who was raised poorly in an bad environment with no future was took in by a wealthy christian family who turned his life around. They took this total stranger into their home full of expensive designer furniture and products because they saw how they were fortunate enough to have a roof over their head and food to eat and more than two pairs of clothing. So this wealthy family took this stranger in and got custody of him and put him in high school and he played football, he eventually got scouted to play for college football then the NFL. This family turned this strangers life around and gave him a future. This movie showed me a game where anyone could play and be good at. After I watched “The Blindside” I was so exhilarated by the football games they showed in the movie,that I wanted to play. Imagine a nine year old running up and down the hallway pretending like he was running down the football field because that was me after I watched the movie. I literally begged my mom to put me in it and she did.

    This was my sixth year of playing football and I loved every second of it. I have learned so much about this game, all the rules, most plays and how to tackle and how to become a good person. I have made a lot of friends through football. Football has taught me a lot of things outside of the game too, in my first year on the Saint Joe’s Celtics our team has done many things for the community such as a food run and breast cancer awareness fundraisers. I have been taught how to be responsible young adult thanks to football and if I never went in it when I was younger I would probably have a little amount of friends and be sitting in my room playing video games instead of playing a sport. “The Blindside” has influenced my life so much and it is my favorite movie of all time.

  17. Coraline
    I remember watching the famous movie “Coraline”, directed by Henry Selick, being a very significant moment of my life. My family and I were heading on our annual trip to to Jasper and everyone was very excited. We usually go to Jasper to ski at marmot basin. My family is really big into skiing and I was part of the nitehawk alpine ski for over 9 years. My sister is still a part of the team and my parents have been skiing all their lives.

    Anyways, the drive to Jasper is very tedious and boring. I had no movies or tv shows downloaded on my ipad so i had to resort to card games. I told my mom to remind me at the hotel to download some movies on my ipad for the ride home. I get bored very easily so movies are almost essential.

    We arrived at our hotel and I took a look on the itunes store to see which movies looked good. I saw a couple romances and a few comedies but none looked that amazing. Then I saw a movie labeled “Coraline”. It didn’t look terrible so i decided to give it a shot and downloaded it.

    I wasn’t going to watch the movie while I was in Jasper, I made a smart move and was going to save it for the ride back to Grande Prairie. So for the next three days, my family and I woke up fairly early to hit the hill and it was a blast. But in the back of my head, I could not wait for the ride home so I could watch “Coraline”.

    Finally, the moment I have been waiting for. The ride home. We went skiing that day and I was fairly tired. When my family goes skiing, we don’t just go for a couple hours, we go for the whole day. Anyways, we got in our sequoia and started the long trip back to Grande Prairie. I started the movie and was immediately indulged. It started off all innocent and cute. And then it just got weird. And then all of a sudden, a major twist happened and it turned out to be the most horrifying movie that I’ll ever watch. It was like a animated horror movie for kids. I’d never so terrified in my life. It was pitch black outside as well which added to the effect.

    To all the people who have not seen “Coraline” already, i have a couple words of advice. Don’t watch it unless you’re prepared to be scared. Always be accompanied by a friend and turn on every light in your house. Be prepared.

  18. One movie series that impacted me a lot and that I still love today is “Veggie Tales”. I think that I have seen every single Veggie Tales movie, if not, almost every movie. I watched Veggie Tales at home with my sister, and at school with my friends and peers. I do not remember the first time that I watched Veggie Tales, but I do remember the feelings that it brought to me. Feelings of excitement, laughter, worries and many more. I still sing the theme song, and a couple other songs from Veggie Tales that I really enjoyed. One of the songs that I really liked, is altered and set as my ringtone for when someone calls me. Just in the theme song alone of Veggie Tales brings back to many memories and emotions from my childhood.

    Every Christmas my sister and I would watch one Veggie Tale movie in particular, “The Toy That Saved Christmas”. Once a year we would cuddle up on the, wrapped in blankets with hot chocolate and watch this Christmas movie. We would be in complete awe at the movie every time we watched it. We watched it like it was the first time we have ever seen the film. This was my sisters and mine own little tradition at Christmas time.

    A couple others that my sister and I really enjoyed and watched frequently was “King George and the Ducky” and “Madame Blueberry”. I would say that “King George and the Ducky” was probably my favourite out of all of the Veggie Tales movies. We would have watched these movies on repeat if our parents would have let us. We loved them so much. We would sing-a-long to the songs, we would jump around and dance with the characters in the film.

    Thinking about watching those movies now really impacts me because I am starting to realize the lessons that they put in with the shows that I loved so much, I did not realize that the point in watching Veggie Tales was to learn a lesson about selfishness, thankfulness, being content, telling the truth, peer pressure and so many more lesson that would be useful in the future. They were like hidden messages in the films to try to teach us as young children these tips for life. It was almost like there were preparing us for what laid ahead, or tips and tricks to be/ become a better person. Veggie Tales really helped me become the person I am today, from those little mini lessons in each Veggie Tale movie.

  19. To my family and I, the trilogy of James Bond movies has a special meaning. We may not be the biggest James bond fanatics, however we do all really enjoy the movies and also the books. It has almost become a family tradition to binge watch old James Bond movies before a new one comes out. It also represents a significant part of my childhood when my parents were still together. When I was in elementary school, I idolized James bond in some ways. I wanted to be a spy that dressed up in fancy tuxedos and drove a fancy car and was constantly saving the world from all the bad guys. In fact, I wanted to be like James Bond so badly that I dressed up as him for 4 Halloweens in a row. Then once I started liking cars, the classic Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5 became my dream car. I could tell I was the biggest bond fan in my family at that point, and so could my family. For my 7th birthday, I ended up getting all the Bond movies on DVD, since all of ours were on VHS and we didn’t use the VHS player anymore. That was the last month my parents spent together. I feel like our family Bond movie nights brought our family closer together for that last month because almost every night we were together for a few hours. I don’t think our family has ever had ever spent so much time all together in the few months before. In a way, it brought the family together.

    Since then, it has been some kind of family tradition to go to Bond movies on the premiere night with my Dad, then the next day with my Mom. It seems like Bond movies are a very frequent Christmas and birthday gift in my family, because now we have 2 copies of most of the bond movies in each home, maybe more. I also have James Bond movie posters and models of Bond cars.

    Some days I still have hopes and dreams that I will be driving around in a 3.5 million dollar Aston Martin DB5 wearing a fancy tuxedo on my way to a high-class casino going to order a martini, shaken not stirred. But I know that most likely will never be some wealthy, high-class super spy. But I can still watch the movies wish that it could be me. But at the same time, I’m glad it’s not me. I don’t think I would enjoy constantly getting shot at, captured, beat, etc. I will always have the memories of the time my family spent together and all the times that I wish I could have been James Bond. I’ll always remember those suspenseful and mysterious Bond soundtracks. Maybe it wasn’t even really the movies that had such significance in my family, but the memories associated with the movies, all the family time we all spent together when our family wasn’t separated.

  20. Movie Personal Response


    Growing up I was surrounded by childish G rated movies and tv shows until one night after I got home from a soccer practice. I was searching through out the tv trying to find something to watch and i saw the Titanic, I had heard about it before but never thought i would ever be allowed to watch it because all i was surrounded by was Ice Princess, High School Musical, That So Raven and Hannah Montana.

    I had missed part 1 and only got to catch part 2 but i was immediately intrigued by all the sophisticated men and women,fancey dresses, the massive ship and of course Jack Dawson. The action of the film captivated me and glued my eyes to the screen. After seeing the second part i was determined to see the first part.

    After that night I spent the day researching anything and everything about the Titanic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio. I found that there was a Titanic museum in Edmonton and I had to go. I went as Rose for halloween and happened to buy a heart of the ocean necklace on Amazon.
    That show brings back memories of my mom and I sitting on the couch watching a movie together. I’ve seen the movie over 20 times and still to the this day the Titanic is one of my favourite Movies.

  21. The Lord of Rings

    Over the years there have been many movies that seemed to be more significant compared to others. Overall, I believe that the movie the lord of the rings stood out for me the most. When I was a child this was one of the first movies I had ever seen; my family and I would watch the action/adventure movie at least once a year. As the small child I was, watching the movie for the first time was quite terrifying but as I grew older and older it wasn’t as scary but more a fun action filled movie to watch. The Lord of the Rings also helped out with my imagination and creativity as a child. I remember going to school and making sure to tell my friends about how good of a movie it was. I’m sure they must have got frustrated with how much I would talk about it.
    Later on, Probably when I was near 8 or 9 years old I was slowly losing interest in the film. Watching the movie over and over again was getting a little repetitive. I was almost positive that I wouldn’t be doing anything involving The Lord of the Rings anymore.
    When I got to the age of around ten they started to release video games involving the Lord of the Rings. This was just around the point when I thought I was done with it all. Instead, my brother ended up buying the video games for me for Christmas; reinviting me to the epic series. Once again I was in love with the trilogy; beating the video games was a whole new beginning and I was once again ready to watch the movies.
    Moving on to now, I can still watch the movies and bring back memories of when I first watched it. Sometimes I hope to see if I’ll have the same excitement I had the first time that I watched the movie. They have also now released “The Hobbit” a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. It is almost equally exciting and I’m sure that my family and I will start to watch the two series together as one. All that I have left to do now is to read the books and see if they’ll be just exciting as the movies. I am almost positive they will be. Everything that relates to these films sort of relates to my family in the way that my siblings have read all the books, watched all the movies and played all the games there are involving the Lord of the Rings.
    I think that these movies were well filmed and well acted; maybe that’s another reason why my family enjoyed the trilogy so much. I highly recommend these movies to anyone who wants an adventure. Hopefully they can enjoy it as much as I do.

    • Chad M

      “You’re changing the boy’s life.”

      “No. He’s changing mine.”

      I remember the first time I saw this movie. I was probably 10 and I was at my family friends house. My parents had previously seen it and they had they had enjoyed it so much that they decided to buy it. The first time watching it was a great experience. It kept me attached to the tv to see what was going to happen next. The movie had everything from funny quips to some heartfelt moments. At the end of the movie I was very impressed and it made me feel good. The movie gave me a feeling that anything is possible and that I can achieve my goals.

      My connection to this movie were not through growing up on the other side of town or having parental troubles but I connected to the movie through the love for sports. I really enjoy watching and playing many sports. I enjoyed seeing Michael Oher go through football and his experience with the game and how he grew into a great football player. Sometimes I look him up on Google see how he is doing in the NFL.

      I enjoyed watching the characters that circled around the protagonist. One of my favourites was S.J Touhy. He was very likeable and he was very friendly to pretty much every person who he was acquainted with. I also liked seeing characters like Leann, she did a random act of kindness and it changed someone’s life.

      Watching a movie like that, and seeing what Michael Oher became, made me feel like I wanted to do more, and like I could do more. Since I was only 10 when I watched the film I forgot about the helping mood that I felt after the movie but every time I watch it (I have watched it quite a few times) most of what I experienced watching it for the first time comes back to me. Every time I see the film I still really enjoy it. The producer turned a great true story into a great movie.

      Sometimes I forget of those random acts of kindness done by others and I need to think back and remember having the feeling that I can do acts of kindness as well. Maybe I won’t do anything like the Touhys did but I can still do small things and those can go a long way.

  22. A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome… to Nightvale.

    The words blared over the car speakers as my mother and I made our way to Edmonton, eerie and ominous as they cut through the cloud of darkness surrounding us. We both turned to give each other a weird look before the somewhat sinister introduction music ended and the 7-note tune made way to a monotonous voice that I have come to find endearing.

    I had heard about this podcast, “Welcome to Nightvale” from the Internet -where else would you hear about something as strange and beautiful as this bi weekly radio broadcast from a town of hooded figures ruled by a vague yet menacing government? When I first started listening, I had no idea what to expect, other than having read a brief summary of the first episode.

    We ended up listening to the hum of Cecil Gershwin Palmer all the way to Edmonton, and all the way back, silently enjoying the incredible oddities of the town of Nightvale and it’s strange, strange citizens. It struck me that despite the extreme amounts of weird it brought to the table, Nightvale had much in common with the real world. It made you think. Made you question everything, including the mindless submission of Earth’s population and the existence of objects we always took for granted. The stark fantasy of this world just slightly off of our own draws you in and keeps you hooked, the creepiness unusually serene. Everything about that experience of first listening to this crazy podcast in the dark of growing night seemed completely surreal.

    Now, on episode 80, I am still enjoying the podcast, though I am no longer sharing the experience with my family, but my friends.

  23. I have always and a thing for romantic movies and books, not the cheesy next door neighbour kind, but the real kind, with actual stories and plot. The book The Fault In Our Stars I consider to be my all time favourite romance movie. It started when I was 13 years old, my mom had gotten me a subscription at the library in town which I never really intended on using, but thought I would give it a try. As I was browsing through the thousands of titles I came across one that caught my eye, which was of course The Fault In Our Stars. I remember immediately being intrigued by the name, and wanting to begin reading this book. Unfortunately for me there were 50 people ahead of me and I was told I would have to wait approximately three months to get a copy. I got a notification that it was my turn to read the novel in April of 2013 and I was outright excited. I read the book in 5 hours without taking any breaks.
    I was immediately left with so many emotions, partly in tears because the book had indeed made me tear up. I instantly messaged all my friends after telling them that they MUST read this book NOW. That is when I found out that the book was already in the making of being turned into a movie. I remember being very excited, but scared that it wouldn’t make the already made expectation in my head. Fast forwarding after a year of impatient waiting and endless conversation hype it was finally time to watch this highly anticipated movie. At this time the buzz for the movie was huge and a lot of people were going to see it. I went to the theatre with about 6 other friends and after snacks were purchased, we went to go watch the movie.
    The movie went by so quickly but I remember every detail, it was like I was reading the book while the images were being portrayed in front of me. Just like the book I was left in tears. I left the theatre immediately wanting to watch it all over again, see my favourite book come to life, and experience all the emotions again. I wanted to know how Hazel’s life would be after the life of Augustus and how long she would have to live.The way that this movie was so close to the book made me connect to it a lot more and make me enjoy it more than I would have otherwise. Also leaving you so that you are the one to make up your own personal life for Hazel after Augustus. The movie made me love the book even more which I have now read four more times since the first.

  24. The Day My Life Changed..
    JHGL-January 4, 2016

    It was after Christmas of 2015, when we just heard about the “Pitch Perfect 2” that December. The news of the second one coming out excited my friends and I, but not so much my other family members. Reason for this was that meant the first movie was being released onto Netflix! I was thrilled! So that whole Christmas of 2014 I re-watched “Pitch Perfect”!
    I made my family watch a lot over the break when I was at my dad’s, and that Christmas my cousin stayed with us. I remember him groaning about the fact that we had already seen it and it was the most stupid, annoying movie he had ever watched. I didn’t listen because it was my favorite movie at the time, so he just sat on the couch, while I sat on the green chair; that is now in my room. Anyways, we sat watching the movie together, and then my dad joined us. My dad also complained about it.
    I remember as we watched it I took my eyes off for just a moment and I looked to where Marcus (my cousin), and my dad who were completely zoned into the movie. Giggling to myself I went back to watching, I knew I had them hooked on it. I also knew that they would always be there when I needed them.
    That changed 3-5 days later. I can’t remember the day we watched it. I lost my cousin the night of New Year’s Eve and the morning of New Year’s Day. January 1, 2015, I woke up to a lot of movement upstairs, which was very weird. Then I heard the outside door open then close with the usual slam it makes. It was silent afterward so I decide to head up the stairs and wish everyone a happy New Year. Heading up the stairs with the following of my slippers, scrapping the stairs as I touched down, and doing the pee dance because I really had to go, when I hit the upstairs platform I went directly to the bathroom. Afterwards, I went to the kitchen were my step-mom looked at me and I knew something was wrong.
    Her words…
    “Jessie, I have some bad news to tell you.”
    My thoughts…
    “Where’s dad, Pépere, Mémere, grandpa?”
    But then she says something unexpected, “Marcus, died last night.”
    How was my thought he didn’t drive, you can’t go side-by-siding, then I ask, “How?”
    I found out that my cousin had commit suicide at 1:30a.m, On New Year’s Day. I never thought that would happen to my family. Now every time “Pitch Perfect” is on it always brings me back to that day. That day may have been quiet because we were watching the movie, but it truly held a lot of meaning. He knew some of the songs in the movie so he would begin to hum along, and now every time I hear the song it brings tears to my eyes and I know he’s watching over me.

  25. 2003, the first film following Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow through his high seas fortunes and follies releases with The Curse Of The Black Pearl. I was only 3 years old at this time, and not old enough to understand or remember most of the film, and honestly I’m not even sure if I watched it in theatres.

    2006 and Captain Jack has conquered undead armies and now he finds himself pitted against the crew of Davy Jones. Still only a young boy, I was enthralled by the misadventures of the Captain as he attempted to repay a debt to the immortal man of the sea and his crew of half-man half-ship slaves locked between life and death with no choice but to serve the cruel King of the Seas in The Flying Dutchman. I still remember having books and action figures of the Royal Guard, the East India Trading Co., The Flying Dutchman, and the mighty Black Pearl.
    A year later and the soul of Captain Jack must be rescued from the Locker of Davy Jones. I did not see this movie in theatres, only later on DVD in a holiday trailer-turned-work home based out of Calgary where my Step Father lives. My first viewing yielded not much in the way of memories, with the exception of the humourous scene featuring Captain Jack locked in his eternal torment. First his chasing of the peanut from Captain Jack to Deckhand Jack to Bosun Jack, and so on. Then he exits his beached Black Pearl in the ocean of white rock to find the single smooth stone that would not leave him alone. He then turns around to find his ship being carried off by a mountain of White-smooth-stone-crab-creatures and reuniting him with his crew. This scene perhaps stuck in my mind because of it’s wondrous humour value. it also shows the wide array of skills that Johnny Depp possesses as an actor, having to comprise an entire scene in a major film with himself.. and himself.. and himself.. and a rock… (x30).

    I am now 15 years old and pirates are still amazing. Honestly ask yourself, in your lifetime how many Pirate themed television shows or movies have you seen? I have said and will always say, there is not enough pirate based entertainment media accessible to the average person. Braving the high seas in a lawless state with a crew of hardy men and a hull of booze and plunder from vanquished foes and fishers and fighters from territorial states and colonies. I have yet to see On stranger Tides, but I plan to soon, as next year the fifth installment in the series will release, with Dead Men Tell No Tales. Recently I took the time to rewatch movies 1 through 3 on Netflix, as those were the only ones available, and have been refreshed on the plot, characters, etc. And I look forward to being able to watch the other 2 when they become available to me.

    I’m 15 years old and I still love to escape for some time and take wondrous sea faring adventures with Arguably the worst pirate we’ve ever heard of [http://goo.gl/ZYg3my]. I watch the movies because they’re exciting. I remember them because they’re humourous. I reward him them now and again, because deep down everyone wants to sail under Captain Jack.

  26. WoMAN?

    Over the course of this month I’ve been watching heaps of different genres of movie. Anywhere from horror to romance movies. But one in particular that has stood out to me is “A League of Their Own”. This movie isn’t for say my most favourite movie but it has given me a positive impact. The movie tells a story that woman can do the same things as a man, and if you want to make an impact you have to keep fighting for what you want, even when only a few people have faith.
    Thinking about this movie after watching it, I can relate what the girls baseball league went through to my life when I was around four or five years old. I relate because in the beginning of the movie the girls create an all girl baseball league as a result people don’t come to watch because they were girls, and they “couldn’t do it”, not many people believe in them, but they believed in themselves. This is pertains to my five year old self because my brothers used to exclude me whenever they would do something. They would always tell me not to go with them because they didn’t want me around, but they never excluded me for being a girl. I was “one of the guys” in my family, I would climb trees, get hurt, work on the farm and play in the mud, but I was never held back for being a girl. But as I have grown older I am now held back for being a girl. Now people say “ you can’t do the. You’re a girl. But can prove them wrong. I still do everything I did when I was little. Gender shouldn’t matter. Young girls don’t think of being a girl, like teenagers and young adults do. The older woman get the more they learn that “they aren’t as good as men”. The older the girl gets the more insecure they become from being told “no”, or being treated different then the boys.
    This has had a huge impact on my life, because people always tell people girls that they can’t do the same things the boys do. People all over the world put girls down. They put them down by telling them they can’t do it because “you’re a girl”, or girls get paid less because well they’re girls. But we as a world can change this view on woman. There is a open window to expand people’s point of view on women. If we as woman or young girl’s fight for our rights to be as equal as a man, just as Ira Lowenstein did for the girls baseball in the movie, then we can have the opportunity to change mankind.

  27. Reach For The Sky

    I was so reluctant to go.

    I was a now mature sophisticated ten year old, well… that’s what I thought. Mature people don’t go see movies about toys! Especially talking toys! But there my father was, giving me the big ‘ol puppy eyes pleading to go. You would’ve thunk he was the child! So with much convincing and with the promise that I’d finally get to pick my own movie candy, I politely agreed to go (politely meaning I gritted my teeth, rolled my eyes with a slight nod of the head).

    The Cineplex was packed.

    And I don’t mean I think I may be getting a little claustrophobic, packed. I mean, oh my goodness stop touching me I just want my darn popcorn, packed. Mind you, choosing to go at the later showing on opening day probably wasn’t the wisest idea. But too bad! There we were surrounded by sticky little hands holding a Woody or a Buzz. Surrounded by the overwhelming smell of spaghetti from a women who just threw up. Terrified me, surrounded by the jittery comments my oh so excited father was spueing.

    EVENTUALLY after getting our popcorn and choosing the mini Mars Bars, we somehow managed to squeeze into the already heavily populated theater. My dad was practically jumping in his chair. As for I? I slouched in my seat, using my hand as a pillow, in preparation for an hour and fourty three minutes of pure “joy”. Woohoo…

    The movie started.

    And that opening scene was just so grand… so ambitious that my mouth hung and my posture became as perfect it has ever been . I’m not afraid to admit, that my reluctant, dreading thoughts on “Toy Story 3” were completely and utterly wrong. The animation was so vivid, I could actually see the little plastic bumps on Mr.Potato’s head. The emotions, the sense of family that was portrayed from really just a bunch of artificial molecules in a computer, astonished me. And just oh goodness, that scene where all the toys are holding hands, about to be BURNED TO DEATH, made me sob like a baby. Thanks dad for laughing and pointing fingers at me right then. That HELPED a lot.

    I came out of that movie (this going to sound super duper cheesy) as a new a person. I never felt so moved, so inspired by such a piece of art. I wanted to learn how it was done. Who made it? How did they write such a script? How? Why? Why? How? If you can guess, this is where my whole obsession with film and Pixar (the company who made “Toy Story 3”) started. In fact, as I write now, I’m wearing a black T-shirt with the word “Pixar” printed across my chest. Yup, I transformed into a total super nerd… and it’s truly wonderful.

    Today, I’m fifteen years old and I can guarantee you I’m not as mature/sophisticated as my younger self once thought. However, just from one little movie I’ve become much more open to new opportunities. Yes, even the ones that seem absolutely dreadful. I’ve fallen love with animation. I’ve fallen in love with film. I’ve fallen in love with design. I’ve fallen in love with anything Disney/Pixar. Although my constant spewing knowledge on these subjects may annoy the absolute heck out of my friends, I can’t help but share what I love.

    I mean, what’s wrong about watching a film with talking toys?

  28. The prince of Egypt

    This was one of the main ways of introducing God and biblical stories to me through picture books and animated movies of the bible when I was about 5 or 6. The prince of Egypt brought one of the best impacts on me, it introduced me to the amazing power of God and his miracles. Watching Moses lose everything and be cast out than to pick himself up and trust in God and finding a way for his people to escape Egypt which was being under the Pharaohs unmerciful rule. Mose used all his resources no matter how little and always had faith in God, once he escaped he came to a dead end which was the sea, at this point I was so worried for the hebrews and Moses would they be taken prisoner or AAHH kill. Moses stuck his staff in the water and the sea rose into giant walls and they started walking down the giant hallway of water, making it across and the walls being dropped on the Pharaoh’s army. It was a stunning movie to watch and as a 6 year old I had many questions like did the Pharaohs men die, how was that possible, can God still do that, where is he,is he a wizard, and many more and my parents of coursed laughed at some of my comments but they explained to their best ability to a 6 year old who God is and his powers. Just by the movies and books it helped me learn at a young age and still be entertained without those longs boring talks or church who God is and what he’s done for me.

  29. I started my real interest in my favorite genre of music in 2010, after my favorite rapper dropped his album that took him to fame named “Thank me later”. He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada , which is something I have in common with the rapper. Aubrey Graham (Drake) and his record label October’s Very Own (OVO) has made a series of Amazing record breaking albums that have pulled me more and more into falling in love with the genre of hip hop.

    Through him I have began to listen to more talented artists like Bryson Tiller, J cole, A$AP Rocky, Future etc. My experiences with hip hop music new and old, have made trips with my teammates and family what the teenagers of today would call “lit”. I think hip hop gives the artists a chance to share their experiences both good and bad with their fans and their listeners, especially for the artists that did not grow up in the best places and did not have the best experiences. Hip hop gives the artist a voice to bring out their pain instead of going on the street and doing something senseless.

    Music in general has the power to make you feel different emotions and I am so happy that through Drake I was able to find a genre that makes me feel happy to listen to. So in general music brings back countless memories and good times with my family and friends.

  30. Movie Personal Response

    When I was about in grade six my friend had a sleepover for his birthday. We stayed up all night long watching movies, talking and playing games. We watched this one movie, it was one of the first horror movies that I have watched. I was a bit nervous to watch it because it was one of my first horror movies. The movie was “Paranormal Activity”. We turned off the lights and started to watch the movie.

    We were all lying on the floor in our sleeping bags staring at the screen not daring to blink because you didn’t know what would happen next or what would jump out at you. It was dark, the only light coming off the screen of the television. It was silent, nobody wanted to miss a single part. At some parts I had to close my eyes because the suspense was too much. It was nearing the end of the movie but that was the best part. That’s when all the scary things happened.

    Once the movie was over we couldn’t stop talking about it. We would all pick out our favourite parts and the parts that we were the most scared. We stayed up all night thinking about that movie. We were a bit nervous to go to bed because of the things that happened in the movie. We talked about it the next school and we told all of our other friends that we watched it. That movie reminds me of the time that we had at that sleepover. This is my personal movie response.

  31. If you were to of met me at any time in my life including now you would notice an absence of emotion in the way I socialize if I socialize at all. Due to the fact that that I lack emotions I watch an abnormal amount of emotional movies for a sixteen year old boy and as exaggerated as it sounds I’m that one person that has watched every romantic,dramatic and sad films that would make even the toughest shed a tear. One of my personal favourites is probably If I Stay directed by R.J. Culter and the book written by Gayle Forman. One of the reasons is my celebrity crush is in it Chloe Grace Moretz and I loved the book.

    When I went to watch the film I didn’t realize until I walked into the theater that I noticed I was the only male in the theater. Normally I wouldn’t notice nor care but the awkwardness I felt as I sat in one of the middle rows beside in front and behind all teenaged girls that looked at me like walked into the wrong washroom or Victoria’s Secret. This made me feel uncomfortable as they began to cry in one of the scenes in the film and going uuuhhhhhh! in a very high pitched girly way every time the guy made a romantic gesture. It was when the sex scene came up that I felt the most awkward the looks on most of the girls faces was surprisingly more interesting then the scene. I was unaware that females would be so fascinated by it like a dog looking at your pizza and the disappointing thing is they didn’t even show anything but their backs and some cello music that set the mood and gave a very lustrous vibe.

    Throughout the rest of the film there was more tears, ughs and laughs along with the very rare but scary moan that kept the tension between me and the girls at all sides of me. It was only because I loved the actress and leaving in the middle of the movie, making me the center of attention that I stayed to watch it. I can only be thankful it wasn’t Fifty Shades of Gray. In a way I don’t regret it. I felt like a marshmallow going in, and when I came out of the movie, I felt like a Spartan that just survived battle with scars that would never heal.

    That was the last romantic movie I ever went to but with certainty I can say I’m going to the sequel Where She Went. This time not alone and I’m sitting in the back.

  32. Holes

    A movie that I always remember watching as a kid is Holes. I never really liked the movie as a kid but I would always end up watching it when it was on and now that I’m older I realize that it’s actually a really good movie. Like there are all these criminals and they turn into good people. As a kid I would just watch it for the fun of watching it but it is always going to be a movie that I will remember and enjoy.
    I remember that my sister and I would always sit on our burgundy couch and watch it whenever it was on. It would usually be on after a long hard day of grade 2. That was probably the most time that my sister and I have ever bonded that much. Now that we are older we both have jobs and both in high school and we are both just too busy. Also since I’m 6 years younger than my oldest brother we never got that opportunity to bond when I was younger and never got to have a movie that we would always watch together.
    I remember that the movie is very slow to get started so we would usually be making ourselves snack to watch during the movie and then once all of our snacks were made then we would go and just relax and bond before our parents come home and yell at us for not doing the chores while they were at work.
    When I was in younger grades I was very shy and didn’t like to engage in conversation with kids so I only had a small group of friends so that small bond that I had with my sister was the only person that I had to talk to out of school.
    Now if I were to watch the movie, assuming I could find the time to I would really appreciate it and the fact that all these people just got into the wrong crowd when they were younger and never had the chance to correct it and sending them into the desert as a prison to dig holes that were for treasure totally changed their life they ended getting money in the end and totally changed their life around.
    If this happened more in the real world, if people just had a chance to fix the mistakes that weren’t even their fault we wouldn’t need to risk people’s lives that get harmed protecting us and the innocent people and animals that get harmed as well.

  33. “Friends”

    Friends… *sigh* I frickin love this show! I remember last year (grade 9), I came home from school exhausted because of the work we have to do. I literally didn’t change my clothes, I just went to bed and started to go to my iPad. I have this routine when I’m using my iPad: I’ll open my iPad, then I’ll go to YouTube after I get bored, I’ll go to Netflix. I usually get easily bored of netflix because I have nothing to watch but that day (I don’t remember which day specifically but whatever) I saw a new TV show (Friends) under “New Release” I was easily interested because I usually have nothing to watch but finally I have something to watch. Finally. The “Friend’s” crew are made up of Rachel (The fashionista and Rich), Ross (The smart one), Monica (The mother), Chandler (Funny and Sarcastic one), Phoebe (Dumb but funny), Joey (The boy who is obsessed with GIRLS).

    Ross: This is guys is very NERDY. Whenever his friends say a wrong word when they’re trying to say something he will correct them which is pretty annoying sometimes. I find him very passionate when it comes to love. All of them are, but I find him very different from the rest. Ross is somewhat very shy and also he values loyalty. He tends to make decision with his heart (which I find stupid most of the time) which usually gives him emotional pain and heartache. He also put himself out there for others first then himself. I find that personality of him really nice. If Ross was ever a real friend of mine, I can ask him for help with everything because he’s smart.

    Rachel: She came from a very rich family meaning that is very spoiled. She’s also kinda like Ross because she choice thing using her heart so she’s easily heartbroken. She cares a lot about her appearance than anything else. A funny thing about her is that she always tends to forget and leave things behind when she goes somewhere. If Rachel ever was a real person and she was a friend of mine, I would feel very annoyed because if I ever ask her to get something, she would probably forget to get it for me somehow.

    Monica: Now this is the girl I would like to be friends with!! Monica is kinda like the mother in the group. She acts and talk like one. She is a NEAT FREAK but even though I call her that, it’s not about being clean for her… it’s about doing things her way, which I can appreciate. I wanna be friends with her because who doesn’t want a friend that literally clean your whole house for you, no one, that’s who. She also likes to cook and host parties so you don’t even need to buy food anymore just go to her house and eat there. (Well that’s what I would do) The only thing I don’t like about her is that she doesn’t like when everything is not properly put where they belong and she ALWAYS notice the little things. For example, if you move one of her magnets on the fridge she will notice it. But it’s not just her cleaning that would make me want to be friends with her, she’s also just a nice person in general.

    Chandler: He is kind of like the clown of the group. He reacts quickly when someone say something he need to make fun off, and it’s always something great. That personality of him being funny makes him fun to be around with but even though his comments sometimes gets him into trouble. He’s a logical thinker, meaning he uses his brain to make decisions, not his heart like Ross does. For me, I would love to have a friends just like Chandler because everything will be fun and not get boring because he can just make funny jokes. I feel like he would be able to cheer me up when I’m angry or mad or something, and I usually need stuff like that. Also in every group of friends there’s always that someone who makes people laugh, which makes everything so much fun, and even if I already have a few, Chandler is always the king of making jokes.

    Phoebe: This girl is very interesting. She’s one of the person that can literally talk to anyone about anything. Her backstory is so shrouded, like she mentions the craziest things that she’s done sometimes and it’s amazing! She gets her energy through talking and singing about the abstract ideas and theories she comes up with. Her imagination is incredible- just listen to any one of her songs or take a trip in her own doll house she created out of shoe boxes complete with a slide, a licorice room, an aroma room and a bubble machine. Phoebe is more interested in living impulsively than by an ordered routine. She is also interested in adventure and trying new things even if they may be unusual. If she was real and she was my friend, I would feel curious about what she’s gonna do or what she’s gonna say. Everyday is probably gonna be interesting because she might think of something to do fun, if I ever get bored. Plus, I would definitely like to find out more about her mysterious backstory.

    Last but not least, Joey: This is guy ALWAYS talks and think about girls. The only thing that comes out of his mouth is pretty much girls, girls and girls. Joey is not very a smart person, actually he’s pretty dumb and he’s always lazy. Joey eats a lot of food too. He will eat whatever food is on the table. Like one time he ate Rachel’s dessert trifle (it has meat and green beans in it… yup, I said meat and green beans. Ugh… Gross). Ross said it tasted like feet. Even if Joey is not smart, lazy, and say something inappropriate things about girl, he’s still a nice person and fun to hangout with and I would probably be okay if he was my friend too, because he’d keep things lighthearted too.

    Overall, I would like to be friends with any and all of them. This is true: Your life wouldn’t be better and interesting if you don’t spend it with your friends, and even though all of those friends are completely different they all get along, which is what everyone should hope for their group of friends.

  34. My favourite movie is Transformers. When I was only the age of six I had went with my family to the theatre to go see it. We went to go see it because I had watched the old cartoons and had the Transformer toys. My parents thought it would be nice of them to treat me to the new movie that had just came out. Looking back, this may not have been the best idea, but they didn’t know what was coming their way. It was a funny experience to say the least.

    I remember it like it was just yesterday. The movie had been out for a week, but the theatre was still jam packed with people with the line going out the door. We had got the tickets and went in line for snacks. My parents then realised that if we waited to get snacks we would not get seats to sit all together. So my mother and I ran to the auditorium to get the seats to our surprise the middle row was still open. We quickly took the seats and waited. We sat and I patiently waited for my dad to bring my maltesers and popcorn.

    By the time my dad got to us the auditorium had already filled up and there was barely any seats left. As soon as my dad sat down the movie started. It started with a loud roar of mechanical parts morphing into the word Transformers. This noise was so loud and startling that it rumbled my chest and me to jump to cover my ears. Thankfully for me the rest of the movie wasn’t as loud as the intro, but for my parents, they probably wished it had been.

    Around twenty minutes into the movie the main character Sam Witwicky was trying to tell the autobots that they cannot hide in his backyard. They then shine lights into Sam’s room trying to get him to go with them. This causes loud noises of slamming and talking. Sam’s concerned parents decide to go upstairs and check on him. When his parents got up to his room the door was locked. They have a rule of no locking doors in their house and thought this was strange. Sam’s parents start knocking on his door yelling at him to unlock it as he is trying to shoo the auto-bots away so his parents do not see them. When his father starts counting to threaten him he then obeys and opens the door. Sam’s mother asks what he is doing. She could hear banging and talking. She also noticed Sam was sweating and that there should be no reason to lock his door.

    As I joyfully eat my maltesers, my six year old ears hear a word that they never have heard before. From the evidence Sam’s mother has on him she then asks him, “Where you masturbating?” The whole auditorium burst out laughing. Me not knowing what was so funny of this phrase decides to ask about it. Just as the theatre dies down of laughter, I decide to ask my mother a question so she can hear it. In the loudest whisper I could I ask, “Mom what does masturbating mean?!” The whole auditorium burst out in laughter again, including my mother and father. My mom then tells me she will tell me about it later.

    Years later I then found out why everyone was laughing. I should say I am embarrassed of my question, but I’m truly not. That question made the movie that much better. It may have embarrassed my parents, but in the end it just makes a good story of me as a child that everyone can enjoy and laugh to.

  35. Rio 2

    I still remember when the first Rio film came out in March of 2011. Since at that point in my life my family rarely frequented movie theaters, I did not get to see the film until my 11th birthday, that summer. My friends had all gone on about how good it was, and I admit I took delight in the movie when I finally saw it. All the songs were uplifting, entertaining and catchy, adding to the feel-good-fun-times. It was one of my favorite films that year.

    So it was with that enjoyment curled up in the back of my mind that I traipsed down to Landmark Theater with my friends to view Rio 2.

    It was grade eight, my first year in Grande Prairie. The pleasantly warm late-June sun shone down on all the younger grades who this excursion had been planned for, and the grade nines and eights who had decided to tag along. Arriving at the cool cinema was a welcome relief, time passing with joyous chatter and snickers. Despite how much I adored the first movie, I did not know much about the sequel, but my limited knowledge on most animated movie sequels left me with next to no expectations of grandeur.

    Those meagre expectations were spectacularly unfulfilled.

    And it was probably one of the highlights of my year.

    For all the ridiculous plot devices, unbearably predictable twists and strikingly disappointing music, my friends and I had a fantastic time – though we probably annoyed everyone around us. We spent the entire hour and forty-one minutes laughing at almost every scene, each more cheesy and ludicrous than the last. A vast minority of our time was spent predicting what was to come; lo and behold, we got all of them right! Our Inner Eyes revealed themselves, enabling us to narrate the whole film without even needing to watch it. I had hoped that perhaps the music would’ve retained the same charm, but alas, I was yet again let down. There was just not the same energy and spirit as the original Rio. In spite of this, we mockingly imitated the dancing on screen.

    I’m sure the teachers were not especially pleased with us, but not one came up to us, so we ridiculed the movie without any remorse. The little children probably didn’t understand what we found so hilarious – being too enamored with the “pretty blue birds” (and too young) to see what we saw. The combination of all the film’s faults (it was simply an epic fail of a story) with the fact summer break was almost upon us lead to a day that otherwise would have been utterly dull.

    Looking back, I realize that for most the outing was no more than a fun way to spend the day, a respite from stuffy classrooms. However, those few hours meant so much to me – more than I even realized at that point. They were a testament to how far I had come in the most challenging year of my life so far; I ended on a significantly more positive note than I had started on in September. It was a day that displayed the friendships I had forged, and how I was able to grow to thrive in my new environment and no longer spend all my time wallowing in thoughts of what could never be. That fieldtrip was proof that I was gradually making a home here in Grande Prairie, laying down tentative roots.

    A terrible film Rio 2 may have been, yet every time I think back on that day, I cannot help but smile.

  36. The very first book.

    The title of my response may throw you off slightly. No I am not talking about the very first book I ever read, but the very first book that I actually READ. The very first book that made me feel something for the first time in ages.

    I have been reading books for as long as I can remember. They filled my life with a different sense of adventure and fun, took me away from my oh so ordinary life style. But I was always looking for books about true love, something that filled me with just as much excitement and thrill as the action packed novels I had so willingly divulged myself in. I felt like the “high school sweetheart” romance was gone. No one really cared about how much your first true love in high school can affect you in the long run. Destroyed in a belief that true love has to be attached to taxes and paperwork and kids. Every book I had read was all about the struggles of growing up and I wanted something about the struggles of having and losing a first love. Was that too much to ask of a writer?

    In an uncanny way, I remember the day I found the book so clearly i can play it back like a movie. It was down town around noon, and I wandered into the book store that i so often visited in my spare time. The air smelled of lemonade and flowers, and the doorbell swayed and danced with the light breeze of a summer day. I ran my fingertips along the spines of the books and basked in the smell of their used pages. I suppose that’s what i loved so much about that book store was the fact they were second-hand. I liked the idea that another person had read the same words and lines as I had, but looked at them each in their own individual way.

    My mind was in all sorts of different places, when a book caught my eye. It was slightly browning, obviously used and re read over a few times. I picked it up and read the title “Endless Love” and i thought to myself, great another knock-off Nicholas sparks book filled with lies about what love could ever be like. I had nothing else to do that day, so I sat down at the front of the store and started to read; and then I couldn’t stop. The pages called my name to turn and turn them and soon I was engrossed with the beautiful, passionate love story that I had been so desperately searching for.

    The love story that the author portrayed hit me in a way no other love story had, and it left me with a queer sense of hope that anyone, even a student as young as me really could find real true, heart wrenching, butterfly giving love. And that it wasn’t only reserved for fairy tales. I never get tired of that book, the love and passion still excites me when I read it to this day. Although I’m not sure if I’m still much of that hopeless romantic I once was, I do still hope that everyone experiences a love like that. An unforgettable, eye opening love. Or at least be able to read a fantastic book about it.

  37. The Hobbit

    The Hobbit is a special movie to me because I watched it with my dad and shared a moment with my dad. It’s pretty rare to share something such as a moment with my dad as he is very withdrawn and always working and doesn’t just watch a movie with us. It’s such a family event when we get to spend some time with my dad, just because he is always busy.

    For the Hobbit, it was just my dad and I. We had put in the movie, turned on the living room lamp that was right beside our tv, and I shut the curtains before sitting down in the corner of my couch. On the opposite side of the couch from my dad. He was slouching, his legs spread out in front of him and he was leaning against a pillow before resting his arm on the side of the couch. His left hand was underneath his face and was holding up his face. I on the other hand was curled up on the other side of the couch. My knees brought up to my chest and I was leaning right against the couch and I rested my head against my knee.

    Throughout the movie, I kept looking over at my dad. I think that I did that to soak up the thought that I was actually sharing this movie with my dad and knowing that I can say that I have watched it with my dad. I don’t think this movie would put an everlasting moment on me if I had watched it by myself, I don’t even believe that I would’ve remembered the movie if I hadn’t shared it by watching it with my dad.

    My most memorable moment was when we reached the scene of Gollum, this creature is small, hunched over, gray, very strands of hair come from his head, and when he speaks, it sends chills to my back and I just hate the sound of his voice as he speaks of his precious. My dad knows this and he has this gift of being able to mimic Gollum’s voice almost perfectly. I get jumpy and I wave my hands by my ears, almost trying to stop the voice from getting into my head.

    Anyways, the scene starts to play and I move right into the corner of the couch. I moved up to the top of the couch and I could feel that if I moved anymore I would fall off the couch, I gripped the blanket that I had tightly and I went between hiding my face and watching the movie. Gollum likes riddles, he began to say riddles with the main character Bilbo, they got harder and harder, but both characters got them right away. But then, Bilbo asked “What do I have in my pocket?” It sorta was a horror movie moment because we all know what he had in his pocket, but Gollum. After Gollum guessed wrong, Bilbo put on the gold ring and disappeared and Gollum realized that he had lost his ring, his precious. He went crazy and I was just shaking from it, because Gollum is almost bi-polar, he has two sides to him and his crazy, mean side came out trying to find this ring. Then he changed, the nicer side, the calmer side, started to cry and then we switch to Bilbo exiting the cave and the scene ends.

    My dad was laughing at me the entire time the scene played, I was not impressed. But by the end of the movie, I was fine. I was happy that I had watched this movie and was even more happier knowing I had watched it with my dad. By finishing the movie, I knew I was closer to him and we can look back at this and remember the fun we had while watching it.

  38. Movie Personal Response!

    By: Shay-Lean

    For my movie response I am reflecting on “The hunger Games Series’’. I was in grade six when the first hunger games movie came out, I remember everyone in my class talking about who to bring to the movie theatres to watch the hunger games. I remember everyone e talking about how they read the book and it was as fascinating as could be. I was ecstatic and wanted to see it, the thriller and the thunder of telling my parents I wanted to see it. My parents shot my request done and burned it into the ground. After a couple of months it came out my teacher asked if we would be able to watch it, I put my hand up and said I wouldn’t be allowed because my parents wouldn’t want me to see kids having to kill other kids just for a show. Therefore we couldn’t watch it, kids in my class got made at me, because we couldn’t watch it. Finally I was at my friend’s house and I told him I was being made fun of because I still haven’t seen it he sought out to help me. I watched it with him, without my parents knowing. I remember where when I went to school the next day feeling like a Greek God walking into school like I was the girl on fire!!!!!!

    When I was in grade nine, for my 14th birthday we went to see Catching Fire in the movie theatre. My parents couldn’t afford a birthday party for me that year, as memorable as it was my friends paid my way to go see the movie. I cherish it as much as i can as i realized my friends cared that much to pay my way in for one of the funnest nights ever!
    During Catching Fire movie as we watched in anticipation as the monkeys closed in on the main characters, as a jump scare popped up (one that wasn’t expected) in my reaction to being scared i yelled so loud the whole theatre looked back, it was a manly yell coming from a 14-year-old girl. This was movie was a reminder of my friendship as my friends were understanding and helped me have a birthday party I would never forget!

    When The Mockingjay movie came out after a couple of weeks my family went to see it together as we have bonded and watched all the series together. We have all liked and watched the movie series together after I was allowed to watch it of course! It was a great series with so many memories. I remember in a part of the movie when these gross alien hybrid creatures are trying to kill Katniss and everyone on her side I happened to look over to my sister and seen that she brought her teddy bear with her and laughing with her as she brought it and hugged it throughout the movie. The movie has brought bonds for my friends and family towards each other it has gotten stronger as we found interests in the movie,

    I will always look at the series this way as Katniss was underestimated continuously, I want to strive to be that girl who no one thinks can change a world view, she taught me self-confidence as she won and persisted. For this movie it shows how she changed the world view as no one was ever to see two people survive the hunger games, it showed the perseverance, courage, and bravery she sought out to help we rejoice in her and Peeta’s winnings. She was known as the girl on fire, she made a change when at first she didn’t believe it could be true but she had hope. I won’t forget the memories this series has truly brought to me.

  39. When I was younger I went to see the highly anticipated super-hero movie of its time, The Incredible’s. Most of my friends had already seen it and by the sound of it, the movie was great. It took me way too long until my family decided to go and I absolutely loved the movie. The fact that there was a kid around my age with super speed made me feel like I could be a hero too. It took me into a new world where I could be a hero and let my imagination soar.

    I have seen this movie a multitude of times and still enjoy watching it today. But as much as I still like watching it, I get different feelings when I watch it now that i’m older. When I was younger it would make me feel like I was in a whole new world where superheroes exist. But nowadays it just makes me feel like I’m reliving my childhood. But at the same time it allows a movie to comfort me when I’m feeling blue or just need something to pick me up.

    Throughout the movie, all the characters faced small challenges with learning new things in life that in the end made them stronger. When I was younger I could relate to how in the movie dash had to try a challenge and run on water. For me I definitely wasn’t fast enough to run on water, but I had to face my own challenges. Learning how to live with food allergies was hard as a child but knowing that super heroes faced challenges of their own really made it easier for me. Also when the kids had to grow up quickly and accept the responsibilities of a hero, it helped me accept the fact that I have to grow up eventually. That was definitely the biggest effect the movie had on me.

    Now as I sit writing this blog, I wait in anticipation for the release of next Incredible’s. On June 21, 2019 I will be sitting comfortably in the theater, with a bag of popcorn in my hand and a drink in the cup holder, reliving my childhood as I watch the Incredible’s in action again.

  40. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Growing up as a kid, I loved to play outside and I didn’t watch many movies. But one movie series that stands out to me was the Transformers movies. I loved the giant metal Cybertronian robots that could change into cool cars and planes, and all the massive explosions and gun shots. My imagination would run wild with the thought of being a huge Autobot running around fighting the evil Decepticons. My imaginative battles were then able to be created when I started getting the Transformers toys. I put my heart into setting up my separate good and bad robots around my room, and then proceeded to smash the Decepticons (in my head) with the Autobots red-hot guns and swords.

    When I travelled to Ontario one summer, my grandpa living in Ontario asked me if I would like to go to the third transformers in IMAX 3D with him. Of course I was ecstatic to do something with my grandpa, and I was also hyped to see the new Transformers. The movie was awesome of course, but the experience was what made it so memorable. Remembering Transformers helps me remember my grandfather, and the fun time I had with him. Because he lives in Ontario I never see him anymore, so the memories I have with him are special to me. Every time I think of a giant metal robot, I think of my grandpa and the times I’ve spent with him.

    Transformers and my Grandpa both remind me about selflessness. In the movie, the Autobots showed selflessness by protecting Earth from the Decepticons. They had no reason to help, and were risking their lives by protecting simple humans. Most of the humans didn’t like the Autobots and tried to get rid of them. The robots on the good side always tried to help, not caring about their own safety. My Grandpa also shows me how someone can be so selfless. He only cares about others, and he is kind to everyone around him. He is the most caring and friendly person I have ever met, and I am proud to call him my family.

  41. I aspire to be a neurosurgeon, Greys Anatomy is a show where i have found this dream. Within the first cut they make to the last surgery they will ever be able to perform i follow them with all scenes made to be a reality. The every second heartbeat of desperation and favourable outcomes keeps my eyes open on what i want to be, and this show allowing me to see the insides of it all. This accommodation of a career keeps fire inside of me making it possible to get through this place called “high school” where its suppose to be the best years of your life. Which it really isn’t.. because the best years of my life will be when i am in an OR saving people from what others can’t.

    The first time i had watched Greys Anatomy i was painting my room, meaning i had no bed. All i had was a blow up mattress which slowly lost air every time you sat on it, with my new bed sheet which also had every flower on it crumpled and wrinkled all over my floor. The shows theme song comes on, leaving a lasting impression i still will find myself humming today. With that first episode i found life outside of the one i have, giving me an escape route which now i know formed to be my route.

    I dream to be a successful person, and to make it away from where i resine. It’s not like everybody where they hate this town and want to go to some big city. I have been through countless things i will never be able to share with you, i’ve never had such a strong dream. Now going through what i have has made me strong, and knowing what i want i’ve rose up to the top. Making my grades to have exceptional marks to go with my exceptionally strong perfectionist personality gives me peace with my life. Greys Anatomy is a way for me to be who i am without the people that want me to fail be by my side.

  42. But then around the third season my least fI aspire to be a general surgeon, the character that have influenced my decisions most are Meredith and Christina. This series intrigues me because it’s very suspenseful and I love watching the surgery and how intense it gets, when they lose the patient and bring them back. At the beginning of the show in the first season i thought the show was annoying and pointless. I strongly disliked the way the show started and how Meridith would narrate what was happening and what she was doing, I thought that they should stop that and let the whole show should be about surgeries. As i watched a couple more season i feel in love with the show, I became obsessed with it and what was going on in the show. I would look forward to watching the show everyday after school and for endless hours. I would watch it from the minute i got home till i went to bed almost everyday. I couldn’t get enough of it, I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel this much passion towards a show.

    My least Favourite character had been entered into the show, I remember how it made it feel like me heart has broke. When she came into the show and ruined the relationship between Derek and Meredith, they were one of my favourite part of the show. I remember when Derek chose Addison over Meredith, I was laying on the couch all bundled up in my big white blanket and my eyes got watery and my bottom began to quiver. Water ran down cheeks it was cold and gave me chills as it ran down the front of my neck and hit my chest.

    I have my person and I can relate to how Meredith and Christina feel about each other. Without my person I would be lost, she makes me who i am. I am grateful and happy to have her everyday. My person makes me happy, she is my other half I am meant to have her in my life. She keeps me together and sane.

  43. The Blind Side is a movie about a homeless teenage boy named Michael Other going to high school after being taken away from his family. A lady Leigh Anne Tuohy who had a rich family of her own with 2 kids, a young boy and a teenage girl and a husband took the homeless boy and calling him her son even though he was a different race. She took him in as one of her own kids and gave him a bed and a room. That’s something he never had before. (Michaels and Leigh’s conversation)

    Michael” I never had this before”

    Leigh” A room to yourself?

    Michael” A bed…”

    This scene really hit you in the feelers. It shows how less fortunate people are in the world and how simple thing make them happy. The family was open to letting him in the family. I think he brought the family together because when they were having supper, the dad and 2 kids grabbed their plates and went to the living room to watch tv and Michael went to the kitchen table. Leigh noticed and made the whole family sit at the kitchen table. Leigh put Michael threw high school and put him through collage. She gave him his life back. Michael got along with both the kids. The young boy S.J helped Michael throughout his football season and they got along really well. His movie shows how the little things can change someone’s life. I think that everyone deserves a second chance at life, and give them a fresh start.
    Helping Michael out made Michael a better person. When him and S.J got into a car crash Michael put his arm in the way of S.J and the airbag to save S.J. Michael learned how to play football by pretending that certain players were the Tuohy family members. Michael proved that even though he was homeless he still has a big heart.

  44. Riley’s Personal Movie Response

    It was a very late Saturday night on a cold winter day. My parents just dropped my Sister and Myself off at our local movie theater to watch the new Star Wars movie that came out the night before. I was so excited to finally see the film after months of waiting after the trailer was first released. We walked inside the theater to find a huge lineup into the theater room. We got our food and started waiting patiently in a huge lineup through the door. We finally got our tickets and we walked in the theater with joy on our faces. We finally got our seats and sat down, stuffing our faces with the warm buttered popcorn. We waited for a good thirty minutes waiting patiently with joy and excitement. Finally we could see the long words scrolling and the Star Wars theme song blast in the movie theater. This was the beginning of something amazing.

  45. It is a rare treat reserved for Christmas break and the end of the school year when you get the privilege to go to the movie theatre during school. Being in grade 6 and finding out that the movie we were going to see with the rest of the grades below us, was Madagascar: Afro Circus, was quite disheartening. I don’t remember exactly what the Jr.High were going to view in their own separate theater, I just know that I judged it to be significantly better than the alternative that I was signed up for. After all, we were just one year younger and obviously mature enough to go to whatever the grade 7 were.
    Suddenly the treat of the theater was spoiled and the seemingly rose colored glasses I had, came off. The ratty, old downtown theatre was close enough to my school that we had to walk out in the nose biting cold of the December weather to watch this subpar film. We all grumbled along, trying to make the best of it. The flick was entertaining enough, in a distraction sort of way. It ended up being completely predictable and a predictable film is the very worst kind. No longer was I thankful that we didn’t have to do school work, but felt like it was a waste of time when we could be getting homework done. The animal protagonists and music seemed completely childish.

    Quite to my relief, the movie was done soon enough, it was for young children after all, and it was time to set out back towards the school. Not everyone shared my point of view and thought that it was delightful. The classmates that enjoyed it were bouncing and singing the theme song. I guess the song was catchy, just like it was supposed to be, designed by companies to make kids want it. To me it was plain annoying. Not to be a debbie downer, but looking back on it, to this day it still remains a nuisance.

  46. I was very young when I watched my very first star wars episode. The first three movies
    based on intriguing fictional characters with strong powers of what they called the force.The fact
    that there was jedi knights with sword like laser beams that could slice through anything is what
    caught my interest. The fact that these jedi’s could move any object through thin air simply by
    waving their hands is what caught my interest. I thought that the jedi were the coolest people
    ever and I remember wishing that I could be one.
    “The Phantom Menace” was the very first Star Wars that I ever watched. It was about
    two specific jedi named ObiWan
    Kenobi and QuiGon
    Jinn traveling to a planet of Tatooine.
    This planet is where they found a young boy named Anakin who was believed to bring balance
    to the force. As a child I found it so cool how a boy about my age could become a jedi. The two
    jei’s had a plan to rescue the young boy from slavery. In order for him to be set free, Anakin
    had to win what the called a pod race. When the race started and I saw that the racers were
    floating in mid air, I knew that this was going to be good. Of coarse Anakin had to win the race.
    He was set free and left his home planet to go with the two jedi. As it moved further into the
    movie, the famous weapon called a lightsaber was introduced. These laser swords fascinated
    me more than anything! The lightsabers were so “cool” that my parents bought me collectors
    items that looked and felt like the exact replica that they were using in the film. I was to young to
    treat it like a collectors item. My siblings and I would battle as the jedi did in the movie with our
    lightsabers having the time of our lives. The imagination that I remember having brought me into
    a whole new jedi world.
    The next Star Wars that Watched was “The Attack of the Clones”. It was ten years into
    the future from the previous movie. Anakin who was once a young boy was now getting trained
    by ObiWan
    to become a great jedi. He now had an amazing blue lightsaber, this was the exact
    lightsaber that I had at home. I was so excited to see anakin fight in this movie. After all, he was
    said to bring balance to the force. I now knew that this meant to eliminate every sith lord that
    was turned to the dark side of the force. The attack of the clones was almost completely
    explained by the title. Literal clones were created to fight against the droids of the republic. The
    jedi did much help for the fight as they were discussing many problems that were on different
    planets. Anakin was becoming much stronger and I knew that his power was leading into an
    even better movie to come.
    The third and final movie of the Star Wars trilogy was called “The Revenge of the Sith”
    this movie was centered around anakin once again. He is now married to padme and living a
    good life. Throughout the movie anakin is slowly being turned to the dark side. By the end of the
    movie, I knew that Anakin was Darth Vader! This movie was The movie with the greatest
    fighting scene ever. Anakin battling ObiWan
    on a scorching hot, lava filled planet. This fight
    lead the the great defeat of Anakin and the terrifying start of Darth Vader. I heard so many
    rumours about Darth Vader. He was half man half robot and he wore a black mask that showed
    death in its eyes. There was no way of denying That the sinister power of Darth Vader would
    continue on into more movies.
    An event two weeks ago is what reminded me of all of these wonderful experiences. A
    new Star Wars called the “Force Awakens” came to theaters so I had to watch all the old movies
    once more. The memories shot back into my head to prepare for the new movie to come. I went
    to the theaters the next day and I was astonished with how amazing the new movie was. It
    brought excitement into my eyes as I saw Han Solo as an old man with his large companion
    Chewbacca. I often find myself thinking about the outstanding Star Wars trilogies and how I
    can’t wait until the next movie comes out.


    The Star Wars The Force Awakens is my favourite movie of all time, it debuted on 17th of December and I went to the movie on the 21st. I went to the movie with my family and one of my best friends Kobe, I remember watching all the Star Wars when I was younger and I watched them all leading up to the 7th one. I love all the Star Wars from one to seven and I can’t wait for the eighth and ninth movie to come out. I want to go to the new movie again because it was the best movie I have ever watched. I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie to come out in one year and two months, I have so many questions to be answered for the next movie and I have to know them.

    Before I went to the movie I had to watch all the movies again, my parents bought me the complete saga in blue ray hd because my little brother ruined all the original discs. When I rewatched all the movies it brought me back to my childhood of watching the movies as a little kid when we would watch the movies. I remember seeing Yoda for the first time when my auntie was babysitting me and my older brother, my older brother had a friend over. When Yoda came up on the screen I ran behind my chair and started crying until my auntie came to see me, she told me he’s okay and there isn’t anything to be scared of so I got up and watched the rest of the movie. When we got to the theatre I was very happy because I was so excited, sitting in my chair waiting for the movie to start I could hardly sit down.

    When the movie started playing showing the imperial ship my heart stopped I was so excited. When it first showed Kylo Ren I knew he was a good fit for the dark side. I remember everything throughout the film, I remember Kylo Ren stopping a shot in mid to Han Solo being killed by his son Ben Solo. This movie left the audience stunned at how betrayal and fate ended the movie. My biggest question during the whole film was who was Rey’s Father? One of my favourite scene in the beginning of the movie would have to be Po and Finn escaping the space ship and have a crash landing which led to them losing each other, or when Rey and Finn find the Millenium Falcon and fly through an old imperial ship to escape the first order. As soon I Han Solo, Chewbacca, Finn and Rey left the cargo ship I knew the rest of the movie was going to be great because you can’t have a boring scene with Han Solo in it! When they landed at Maz Kanata’s place and Rey saw Luke’s lightsaber which led to Anakin before him I gasped, once she touched it and had the visions about Luke and Darth Vader I thought she had to be Luke’s Daughter. Closer to end of the movie my heart kept on skipping beats because the crew had went to the Star Destroyer to get Rey back and to destroy the First Order. I was so nervous when Han Solo saw Ben and told him to come home, but when Han Solo lead his hand on his cross bladed lightsaber I knew this was going to be a happy ending and the bam! Ben stabbed Han Solo and I almost cried because he was one of my favourite Star Wars characters and he died in the hands of his own son. When Rey fought Kylo Ren I couldn’t breath because I felt the emotion of the characters right down until Rey beats him, that was my favourite lightsaber duel in all Star Wars except for the first time Luke fights Darth Vader in Cloud City then reveals he is Luke’s Father in the Empire Strikes Back. One of the best scene of the movie is when Luke and Rey lay their eyes on each other I knew Luke knew who she was and he was happy.

    This movie left me asking so many questions like who is Rey’s Father?, will Luke use his lightsaber again?, did Kylo Ren declare his allegiance to the First Order or is it a trick?, who is Supreme Leader Snoke? and will Darth Plagueis finally come to the screen? I loved this movie down to the most boring part, I will watch it over and over until I know every line. This movie spoke to me mentally, physically and emotionally. There is so many speculations going around and there is so many facts behind all of the I don’t know which is right and which is wrong. I cannot wait one year and two months for the next Star Wars because it will be amazing I know it. It may not be as good as The Force Awakens because it was amazing but I guess we will have to wait a see.

    Star Wars is my favourite movie saga ever, I love every movie and this new one reassured my love for it. No one should be able to watch an entire Star Wars movie and say they don’t love it because all the movies are awesome (except for maybe the Phantom Menace). Imdb rated The Force Awakens 65th best movie all time but I believe it should be rated top 5, even the Empire Strikes Back was rated 12th and that has the most shocking scene in cinematic history! This just completes my love for Star Wars with the Force Awakens and there is still two more movies!

  48. I realise now looking back on this text that it seems quite juvenile, writing an entire reflection on an animated TV show from Japan- but hear me out before you get your torches and pitchforks and tie me to a stake for being an anime nerd. I’m not going to tell you why you should come watch the anime and waste away your day crying about all the fan-theories you find on the internet -I’m above all that.

    The anime that I’m going to talk about is called Hetalia, which directly translates to ‘useless Italy’, and yes, it’s referencing the country. Hetalia was created by Hidekazu Himaruya and it centers around each country in the world being personified as a person who lives as long as their country exists. It’s not meant to be serious or attack you with the feels, it’s meant to make you laugh.

    The question that arises now is how on earth did this affect my life?

    After watching the entire show, -there’s over two hundred episodes but this is a judgment free zone where I don’t have to see people’s disappointed looks when I tell them I watched all of them in one weekend- I realised that the internet was filled with people who loved it just as much as I did. Hetalia gave me that chance to make friends all around the world that would listen to me whine and snivel about how Canada isn’t in enough episodes or why Austria shouldn’t play the piano in the ocean.

    Hetalia didn’t just give me the chance to meet new people, it also made me want to learn about the world. Each episode is based on some aspect of a country’s history and after watching them, I actually started looking into the actual events that happened between the countries. I wanted to know what the Kalmar Union was or why NATO was created. It made me want to learn. The great thing about Hetalia is that I now had a character to relate those events to. It made me wonder how they felt and what it was like to live during that time.

    When I realised that other people thought of this show the same way I did, it made me want to show other people what I thought.

    So I started writing.

    I used to absolutely hate every aspect of writing, a story or essay or anything. But after Hetalia, I wanted to write. I wanted to take pieces of history, take the characters and write out how I thought they would have felt at the time. I now had a way to enjoy history because I could put a face to the country and connect to the character. It was a new and exciting experience that made me happy. When I posted my writing online, it filled me with joy when I saw people reading them and leaving comments and telling me about how my stories made them laugh or cry.

    I’m so happy that I found this show because it helped me gain a new perspective on the world. Sure I have to keep myself from laughing when someone says ‘Big Brother Britain’ to refer to the British Empire, but everybody already knew I was a nerd so the looks I get don’t bother me. Hetalia was a path that led to so many new opportunities for me and it will continue to do the same for other people for years to come.

  49. The movie that brings back childhood memories to me would definitely have to be high school musical. I remember being 7 years old and seeing the preview for it and all I can honestly remember is seeing Troy Bolton also known as Zac Efron and remembering how dreamy he looked. He’s been every girl’s dream guy at some point, he’s definitely been mine since day one! Everything about watching that movie just brings me joy. I remember first seeing it and when I was introduced to Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) I didn’t like her one bit. She thought she was better than Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) and we all knew she wasn’t and we despised her so much because she tried to get with Troy but he was Gabriella’s, but it was a movie right. Then they made a second movie and I was so excited, when I went to go see it, it was even better than the first one! Then they made the third and last one and I don’t think I could have been more excited and sad at the same time. It was by far my favorite one out of the three. I even remember crying at the end of the third one because I was so upset it was their senior year and they wouldn’t make a new one. To this day I still watch these movies and now I watch them with my sister and she loves them just as much as I do and we know all the songs to the movies and I love just sitting at the couch on a lazy day and curling up with her and watching them.

  50. The Game”
    At the time it was the biggest game of our lives. We ( the Celtics ) were playing the second ranked tier 2 team in the province ( Paul Kane ) “The game” starts in the film room on Mondays. my teammates and I including our coaching staff, all meet up together in the science lab. This is where we break down film ( scout our opponent ) film usually takes an hour and a bit but Because we were playing such a well respected and tough opponent the film session went on longer than usual. No one had a problem with that though, if they were dedicated. We learnt that paul kane has an amazing quarterback with a rocket arm is very smart but only does good when his system is working. His system revolves around his supporting cast ( teammates ) and their go to play. This play is called “chair” It’s when your slot back on the right of the quarterback runs a 1,2,3 or 4 route ( depending on your system ) We celtics call it a 2 or 4 route. Its when the slot back motions up to the line of scrimmage and goes 5-10 yards up field puts his foot in the turf and brakes out to the side line. The next part of this play is the wide receiver the wide receiver just simply breaks up field runs as fast as he can and asks the quarterback for a jump ball. I should probably note that they did this better than anyone else in the province. Due to the fact they had a 6’1 wide out who was also probably the best in the province at his position. they also has #20 their slotback/running back who was incredibly deadly in open space. The last part of this play is the quarterback he gets the ball, looks at the 2 route then looks at the 9 route. If both are covered he just tucks and runs up field. This works great because it’s supposed to pick up at least 5 yards a play. you only need two of those to get a first down. They threw the ball about 80% of the time but did still run somewhat. When they did it was almost always given to #20 on an inside zone play, they also always ran to the left because they had a really good right guard. His job was to pull around and clear the way for #20. This brings us to special teams. Special teams is where we kick and return the ball. When paul kane would kickoff the ball they did short kicks to try and get the ball back before the opposing team’s offence could get a chance. These are some of the most important things we learnt. Basically if we slow down or shut down their high powered offence we win the game. Being that their defence was just slightly above average. With all this information it was time to hit the practice field like always. First things first we needed to find a way to stop #5 what we did was just simply take our best athlete on defence ( austin pollard ) and make him follow #5 he wasn’t actually there so we needed to find someone and pretend they were #5. It was me for a while but I got a concussion and could no longer do that. So then we called upon a celtic who just recently graduated brennan mcneil. Who was just like #5 in high school. Now that we had a game plan for #5 we needed to take care of the chair play. What we did was trust in our younger halfbacks to cover the flats where #20 gets the ball off the 5-10 yard out. We trusted them to make the tackle if he caught the ball or cover it so he wouldn’t throw it. The next part was the quarterback run. That was pretty easy, we have an amazing linebacker core and they always take care of anything up the middle. ( where the quarterback would run ) on offence. Well we would just do our thing like always and put up lots of points on the board. Special teams, we put in a kick return package that put 5 guys with good hands where they would kick it. When we would kick it off the only rule was DON’T KICK IT TO #20. We didn’t want to give him an opportunities in open space to make a play. After 4 days of preparation it was game time. Take all the things we learnt and go get the job done, that’s exactly what we did. We held the most high powered offence in alberta to only 9 points. Austin pollard had the game of his life and shut #5 down. Our heavy hitting defence took care of the rest. We took out #20 and gave him a concussion. Then proceeded to do our thing on offence scoring 33 points and capturing a win in the provincial semi

  51. Hearing the new movie “If I Stay” got me excited, especially when the trailer came out. I’m not a huge fan of Chloe Moretz but I just love her acting skills because you can actually feel her, so when I heard that she was starring this movie I couldn’t wait till the movie comes out. If I Stay is about a girl who had an accident and had an out-of-the-body experience where she finds herself barefoot and herself laying on the road while paramedics are trying to. help her and her family. As the hours pass, Mia goes back and forth between observing what is happening around her and reflecting on her life up to this point. Her memories include being present at the birth of her brother, her father’s transformation from a hard rocker to a teacher, her love for music and the cello, her ambitions to become a great cellist and her falling in love with Adam. Mia’s hears the nurse saying that the life of a little girl in not in the hands of the doctors or the machines . It is her herself whether she chooses to live or die.

    This movie caught me because of the what if’s it had. It kinda relates to me because I had a lot of what if’s and hard decisions to do in my life. The movie taught me to look back at the happy memories I had and chose what would make you happy and chose the path of what you think will give you a positive effect. Mia thought the hardest decision she would ever face would be whether to pursue her musical dreams at Julliard or follow a different path to be with the love of her life, Adam. But she is caught between life and death for one revealing day, Mia has only one decision left, which will only decide her future but her ultimate fate.

  52. Movie blog
    For this assignment I chose the movie Scooby-doo. When I was younger my two siblings and I loved this movie. We would sit in the basement and play it over, and over again. After school us three would all grab an apple and line up on the couch. On weekends we were aloud one bag of popcorn split between the three of us. Pop was never an option. Mom was very strict of the fact that if we were actually thirsty we would settle for a glass of water. If we were really lucky we got crystal light. Our parents got so sick of this movie by the time we grew out of it, they could probably recite it word for word. I remember my brother and I would play and pause it over and over again, just to see their faces. My sister would through a fit about just wanting to watch the movie normally, and now she doesn’t know what’s going on, and we have to restart the movie. My sister has always been a person who wants order and rules, and doesn’t take risks. I guess that’s why she liked Daphne so much. She really flipped when we turned the volume to max! That wasn’t all that fun when we heard mom stomping down the stairs. I can still remember Scooby-doo continue trying to run away after the floor beneath him falls. To this day I can remember lined up on the couch downstairs with my siblings. Enjoying the movie.

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