Banishing Those Alien Thoughts

“If you were not thinking these alien thoughts, what would you be thinking?”

When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin Yalom pg. 167

Oh those “alien” thoughts.

Usually negative.


Catching, then capturing you in a loop of emotional paralysis.

Self-talk that feeds our insecurities instead of banishing them.

But what if we didn’t entertain these “alien” thoughts? What wonders would abound? What imagination? What creative genius would be revealed?

Without these alien thoughts we’d be more open to the divine. Without the clatter and the clamour, the more aware we would be

of who we are meant to be,

and what our purpose is in this time and place.

And the truth is here. Within the reach of our fingertips. We just have to beat away those thoughts that blind

and mute

and deafen our purpose.

My alien thoughts are:

that I’m not a good enough teacher,

that I will die alone in a small apartment filled with felines,

that I’ve been misunderstood and my intent has been misinterpreted as something selfish and manipulative.

I have alien thoughts that I’ve been taken for a fool. That the trust I’ve placed in certain people has been a misplaced trust

and it’s only a matter of time before I’ll get hurt.


they are “alien” thoughts defined as “unfamiliar”, “disturbing” and “distasteful”.

Therefore they should have no reason for existing anywhere in my being.

Or yours either.

We are created for good.

These thoughts have no business being here.

I’m in the process of banishing them and I feel quite confident.

I know they will attempt to visit periodically…but I am prepared.

I will be thinking thoughts of love and kindness.

Creativity and tenderness.

Poetry and passion.

Or so I will try.


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