A Smile Slight But Lingering

I’m finding that lately my smiles are lasting longer.

And I’m not sure why.

It’s not that I’ve fallen in love, or that I’ve suddenly become debt free, or even that I’m finding my work fabulously exhilarating.


when I make eye contact with people on the street, small chat with strangers in the elevator or see something minutely whimsical,

I smile well after the person has passed, I’ve exited the elevator, and the scene before me has changed.

Maybe I’m finding it too cumbersome to immediately release the facial muscles. I’m hoping the smile doesn’t look like a grimace. The elasticity of my skin has deteriorated over the last few years making the cheeks look more like jowls than apples

so my grin has the potential to look,

well grim.

And what do people think when they see someone smiling to herself? Do they think something wildly romantic like “oh, that lady has some wonderful hidden secret and something has made her remember, ” or do they think “well, someone has just passed gas.” Either of which can be true on any given day…

but I digress.

So, what really does contribute to a lighter heart? An ease to the day created by unseen forces.

A mindset rather than medication.

Maybe it is because of some subconscious decision.


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