Christmas Wishes 2014

For the last three years I’ve posted “wishes”. This year’s list seemed to trip out of my brain and onto the keyboard in record time. Enjoy!

1. Time to appreciate the silence of the morning. Before the blood pressure rises with the sun. To witnesses empty street delicately lit by the soft glow of street lamps. And hear the tinging of the heat register.

2. Courage. Courage to jump out of the rut into territories unknown and have the thrill outweigh any reservations.

3. To know what you want even though it’s far simpler to know what you don’t want. From what to choose from a dinner menu to how you’re treated by others.

4. Finding a new passion. Whether it is knitting or golf or learning a new language.

5. Discovering a new author. Preferably someone with plenty of publications to keep you occupied, for a year at least.

6. Lots and lots and lots of laughs. The kind that make tears and tummy ache.

7. Romance. The kind that has echoes of high school sweetness…like homemade “tapes” of your favourite songs and balloon bouquets.

8. To recognize opportunity even in little things. Splashing in puddles instead of avoiding them. Asking the question instead of having it bounce around in your brain unsaid. Cuddling the cat that crosses your path.

9. Fluffy socks in which to scoot around the house.

10. Creativity and inspiration to be at the tip of your fingers and accessible and more time to indulge.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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