Sisyphus and Diamond Head Crater: A Metaphor for Life

Wrote this a few years ago but I’m off to the islands again so I thought I’d relive the wonderful memory!!

Knickknackery and Notions

The task began at dawn when there was still a chill in the air and mere mortals still slept in their sun-induced slumber

except for nine brave souls

who were setting out to attempt what seemed to be a fool hearted journey.  The preparation?  The consumption of an extra-large Kona medium roast and an oatcake.  Essentials?  Plenty of suntan lotion, a good pair of shoes, water and a hat.  Oh, and $2:50 for bus fare and $1.00 for gate admission.

If the first leg of the journey was any inclination of how the rest of it was going to be, it would be a day that would go down in infamy.  Certain members of the party were running late.  The line up at the coffee shop was abnormally long and moving incredulously slow.  Tempers were already beginning to flare. Was it because of the insurmountable task before them?  Or was…

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