Christmas Wishes from Me to You

For this year I wish for you:

1.The ability to forgive.  It may be something little, it may be something huge that has done unspeakable emotional damage.  It may even be yourself.  But my wish is that it is released and you feel the emotional ropes you’ve been clutching onto slip effortlessly through your fingers and that you feel all the lighter for it.

2.For a few more mornings in the year to be met with childlike exuberance.  To bound out of bed with a spring in your step instead of shuffling and grumping to the coffee pot half asleep, stiff joints, overwhelmed by the idea of actually putting on work clothes.

3.More home cooked meals.  Nuf said.

4.Less wrinkles and more laugh lines.

5.That book, or that article, movie or television show that makes you go “’hmmm” or “wow” and plants a seed of curiosity that is totally out of character.  And then to go and learn more.

6.A day where you are completely and totally alone.  Alone with thoughts and dreams and silence.

7.To find the most amazing massage therapist on the planet and have her/him live in your city.

8.That you find one thing from your childhood that made you happy, be it a toy or an activity or a book, a recipe or a game, and that you share it with your son or daughter or niece or nephew.  And that you make it “your” thing together.

9.For consistent proper breathing to become second nature.  If you’re a shallow breather like me (especially if you become busy and stressed) you’ll know how important deep breaths can actually be.  Liberating really.

10. Wonderful, warm memories of this next year that are of YOUR own creation.  The awareness that you have this power not only to create your own, but that you can play a beautiful instrumental part in someone else’s.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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