Punting Percival

It’s been snowing for 48 hours straight

snow so heavy I’m spending more time with my snow brush than I am with my family.

So much so I’ve decided to name him, Percival if you must know.

Percival has been my best friend the last couple of days.

He rides shotgun.

He is always within arms reach.

Handy, reliable, and efficient.

And sturdy. He can beat off a frozen slush block from a rear mud flap without batting a brush bristle.

Percival has also been a silent witness to my morning meltdowns of fatigue as well as my off-key warbling of the radio station’s morning drive mix of melodies.

… as far as I know he won’t tell anyone of these fractures in my character.


as much as I appreciate Percival in all of his reliability, I can’t wait to relegate him to the back seat,

or better yet under the storage space in rear hutch.

Truth be told, Percival reminds me of winter. And,

I admit I have a friend whom I favour more than the snow brush,

my golf clubs who remind me of sunny skis and longer days.


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