Encore: To Knit or Knot to Knit

I’m feeling the need to create. I actually went to the craft store the other day and spent twenty minutes perusing the yarn aisle looking for inspiration. Yes, I’ve been known to knit. My first foray into the realm of all things kitschy was when I was six or seven. My mom bought my sisters and I a spool knitting kit. I created a nice long, snake-like rope and kept it wound in a ball in the drawer of my bedside nightstand until I twirled and sewed it into a rug to fit into my Barbie Beach Mobile.

Then Mom taught me how to REALLY knit. I had a ball of yarn dyed in an array of various hues of blue. I proceeded to knit my stuffed dog a scarf.

Next, mittens. The left mitten had a thumb that was twice as long as the right mitten but I was proud of them nonetheless.

Years passed and I decided to knit my boyfriend a sweater. It was a navy blue pullover with raglan sleeves. It was beautiful. I finished it just in time for Christmas. He was pretty pleased with it, and so was I…

until he ruined it upon the first washing.

Later on still, I knit each of my nieces a doll. Each had different coloured jumpers and various shades of hair. I tried to make each look like their little owner. One with short blonde hair, the others brunette. I stuffed them with cotton balls. Lots and lots of cotton balls.

I took a long hiatus from knitting after that until a year ago when I started knitting scarves. An easy project from an easy set of directions. The wonkier the yarn the more likely it is to hide dropped stitches and any other mistakes.

Knitting is mindless. Knitting lets me feel as though I’m accomplishing something without having to invest too much brainpower or emotional investment. Also, it’s a stress release; I think the repetitive motion keeps the part of the brain that houses “histrionics” distracted.

Interestingly enough I didn’t buy any yarn at the craft store this time. No. Nothing seemed to be calling out to me from the bins. So I wandered down the stamp aisle, then the paper and charcoal aisles. Still nothing. I’m still entertaining the idea of enrolling in a stain glass workshop. I wonder what creative outlet will capture me this month? Some sort of opportunity that will allow me to form and mold and shape something from the beginning and see it evolve into something that is truly my own.


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