Reposting: To Bless or To Curse

Have you ever been haunted by a particular individual? Maybe “haunted” is too dramatic a term, but you know what I mean. When you constantly think of that ONE person, either because he has hurt you or perhaps has left you frustratingly perplexed. Whatever the case, he’s there. Taking up residence in the front of your mind and you can’t brush him aside or banish him forever….

because he just comes back.

I used to think it was because I “think too much”. I can’t let issues go. I go in, around, under and through interactions, scenarios and conversations to the point of misinterpretation. And I would beat myself up because I thought I was wasting too much of my precious time on someone who, most often in my opinion, didn’t deserve it.

Until one day a very wise man, a priest actually, told me that maybe it was God’s or the universe’s (whatever you believe) way of getting me to pray, to send good thoughts towards that particular person. A preoccupation means you are meant to send blessings even though you may be tempted to send curses.

To pray specifically for the person who is emotionally provoking you. Which makes sense in a way. Especially if you hold on to past wrongs like a Rottweiler to a chew toy. I think that harbouring ill will for days and weeks and years is just a sad attempt for some to create and maintain a sense of drama in life.

Negative thoughts are exhausting. Thinking about injustices you’ve suffered at the hands of someone else is giving another power that you could otherwise put towards strengthening your sense of self.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. ~Wayne Dyer


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