Bah Hummus

Today I was craving comfort food. Since the summer I’ve been trying to eat “healthy” which means, for me, consuming anything green whenever I feel like snacking.

My efforts are making me grumpy.

The last thing I want to eat on a dreary rainy is a raw vegetable. What I really want is fresh, homemade, warm, white bread dipped in gravy. Warm, homemade sustenance to fill my belly and keep me warm.

Anyway, I got to thinking,

ok I became obsessed with the idea,

of “comfort” food and was reminiscing about all my favourites from my childhood.

Chili and spaghetti. Yes, served together. Mom would make a big pot of chili, boil up another pot with spaghetti and when both were ready we’d scoop big spoonfuls of chili right onto the spaghetti. I’d only pick out the canned mushrooms.

White bun halves with tomato slices and Kraft cheese slices grilled in the oven. Yum.

Wieners sliced down the middle stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese.

Scrambled eggs and ham smothered in Ketchup.

Grilled cheese sandwiches paired with cream of tomato soup.

And, my all time favourite, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream all dusted with icing sugar.

Sometimes I miss good, simple, kid friendly meals. My imported bag of sugar snap peas and container of hummus just don’t stack up some days.

Do you remember your favourite meals from your childhood? The kind of meals where you’d come home after a long day at school and, YES, it was your all time favourite.

How that made your day.

Maybe tomorrow should be such a day. A day where you throw any healthy resolutions to the wind and go out and buy the fixin’s for a nostalgic supper.

I bet you’ll be all the happier for it.


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