Encore: +33 and Granny-ness

The hot weather is giving me a glimpse of what old age will bring.

It’s September and Mother Nature has finally decided to bestow upon us beautiful summertime weather…

now that we’re two weeks into returning to school.

So while the sun beams in full force outside, we swelter inside the walls of academia

and my body is rebelling.

By noon, my pretty pedicured feet that had so simply slipped in my delicate sandals that morning have now ballooned into puffy stubs. I’ve thrown professional protocol to the wind and have wandered around the office sans chaussures for the last two days.

I don’t dare wear a skirt. No. Well within the afternoon the heat brings chafing which causes irritation in the most unladylike of areas.

And, the most horrible of symptoms caused by absurd temperatures….sweat. One summer, while visiting Japan, the heat and humidity caused me to sweat so much that if I stood to long in one spot, a nice little puddle formed at my feet.

So, my senior years should offer no huge surprises. I already know the likes of water retention, heat rash and incontinence. But I know that with the cooling of the season these discomforts will dissipate.

If only the grey and the wrinkles would as well.


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