Encore: When Life Gives You Bug Guts

There is a smudge on my windshield.

It’s perfectly placed so that my eyes try to focus on it and I have to move my head a smidge to the right in order to move it out of my direct vision.

It’s small, maybe half a centimetre.

I’m thinking it’s probably the leftovers from a “head on” mishap with a bug.

Or, it could be a teeny rock chip.

Whatever it is it’s driving me nuts.

Why don’t I clean it off you ask? I keep meaning to but I always notice while I’m driving and then promptly forget when I arrive at my destination.

I don’t notice it all the time, but when I do it annoys me as much as any mosquito bite, or wedgie for that matter.

And then I just get angry.

Why is it that we let little things ruin our moment? Insignificant actions or behaviours that make us roll our eyes, sigh profusely or swear under our breath. And we don’t really do anything about them except let them get under our skin

and have them itch and fester.

When you think about it’s often the little things that get us riled,

little realities that most often are beyond our power to change. Such things as unreturned calls or text messages, getting cut off in traffic, broken air conditioners,

all little smudges really.

All we have to do is look beyond the immediate inconvenience to the road beyond to what is really important.

But at this particular moment I will go down with some windshield wiper cleaner and take care of the bug guts that plague me so that tomorrow I will have nothing but a clear road ahead.


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