Encore: The Procrastination Fairy

I’ve just enjoyed a wonderfully lengthy summer holiday. My intention these last couple of days was to get some “back to work” tasks completed.

No such luck.

I received an unexpected visitor.

Procrastination Fairy.

You know her.

Unfortunately she’s VERY demanding of my time and attention.

And she has such a clever and convincing way about her. At her mere suggestion I abandon all good intentions of accomplishing the mundane yet essential.

So instead of work, I accomplished nothing of substance and filled my days with all sorts of superfluous activity.

Here is what she made me do this weekend:

1. Wax the randomly spare hair off my big toes.

2. Curl my hair and practiced the French roll. (Something I haven’t done since I was 14).

3. Google the names of boys I had crushes on in junior high.

4. Watch the entire second season of “Breaking Bad”.

5. Watch the first season of “Political Animals.”

6. In an attempt to bore the Procrastination Fairy into leaving I started Swiffering my floor, and ended up lip-syncing to Adele using the Swiffer as a microphone.

7.  Dots  Whatever you do, don’t download it.

8. Sit on my balcony and watch the road construction outside my building…literally watching tar dry.

9. Write this blog post.

The Procrastination Fairy isn’t really a fairy.

Rather she’s a wily witch who likes to see me hyperventilate at responsibilities left unattended. So I’ve given her the heave-ho before my weekend has been a total waste, and have firmly told her not to return until Christmas.

And you know what? She didn’t kick up that big of a fuss. She left quietly without incident…

mumbling something about going to your house.


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