Encore: Wine Spritzers and Hyperventilation

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” William Shakespeare

It’s summer holidays and I’m hyperventilating. We’re already two days in and I haven’t found the answer to world peace, written my novel or learned fluent French.

Shoot, I haven’t even cleaned out my spare bedroom, a “catch all” junk room,a task momentous enough in scope to warrant a year of contemplation and two months of time set aside.

I’ve never found it easy to fall into “vacation” mode. I usually start feeling relaxed around mid August when it’s time to start getting my classroom ready for the new school year…

just to resent the seemingly sudden return date wondering in stunned amazement (and muttering an explicative or two under my breath) as to where the time has gone.

I’m trying to force myself into relaxation mode. I’ve been reading lighthearted fictional fare, going for walks in the sunshine, partaking in white wine spritzers AND going to movies that won’t even remotely come close to making any nomination list

all in an attempt to convince myself I’m rested and ready for taking on summer projects.

So far to no avail.

One thing I have accomplished, however, is finding superfluous items to purchase. Shoes I don’t need, books that are added to my growing “have yet to read” collection, sundresses I won’t wear.

I’m pretty sure I’ve resorted to shopping in order to avoid the vacation “to dos” I have set for myself. I mean, I’m pretty lucky to have this time in front of me,

time that doesn’t allow any excuses for failure.

The responsibility is overwhelming.

Maybe if I share ONE of my projects with you, dear people in my blogosphere, I will be more inclined to actually chip away at it.

Tomorrow…the novel.

Wish me luck.

…excuse me while I *cough*


find my


brown paper bag….



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