Encore: Toasting the Depositing of Used Dental Floss

It’s the long weekend and, as usual, I’m feeling like something you’d bring home on the bottom of your shoe after a visit to the dog park. Unfortunately I’ve spent the last week doing what most of us do when we have the long weekend shining in our immediate future, I’ve saved errands and tasks and school work for that glorious chunk of time offered by that extra day.

And now, on top of being physically incapable of doing so, I’m feeling the claustrophobia of having responsibility upon responsibility heaped upon me.

I’m the pea under the mountain of mattresses.

So, in order to relieve some of the psychological pressure, I’ve been attempting to accomplish little tasks over the last couple of days.

1.I have the bad habit of flossing in bed then leaving the string of floss on the floor beside my bed. I’ve picked up that string of floss and walked it to the garbage. Yay me! It’s a start…not a rocketed shot out of the starting gate but it’s something.

2.I’ve emptied the dishwasher. Double yay!

(Cheering myself on seems to be working).

3.I’ve marked a set of Lord of the Flies quizzes. Granted I was wrapped in a quilt sitting in the recliner at my mother and father’s where mom would proffer a sympathetic “awww” whenever I started feeling sorry for myself.

4.Two days ago I had a plumber over to fix both toilets so I scrubbed them before he came…I can check that off my list. Wahoo!

5.Laundry is always a good thing to do when you’re feeling blah. What seems like an insurmountable task doesn’t take continuous effort. You tangibly see a mountain of work decrease over an afternoon…with the bonus of fabric softener freshness.

6.Strapping the Swiffer duster to the waist of my pajamas all day and half-heartedly swiping it over the surfaces I pass might actually count as dusting.

Hmmm. I still have a class of essays, floors to wash, and a unit to plan. But at least the hyperventilation has passed.

And it all started with picking up a string of used dental floss.

So, what I wish for you today, anyone one who seems to be plagued with a plethora of phlegm-like symptoms is that you find your “floss” and muster the fortitude and energy to walk it to the garbage so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. Or that you feel as though the ugly pterodactyl of cold and flu season hasn’t gotten the best of you and fight back with minute tasks. Fight back by occupying that NyQuil affected mind with exercises of accomplishment even if it means that when you are feeling better you find the milk carton in the cupboard and the empty glass in the refrigerator or that you’ve run your whites through the dishwasher.

You are a warrior.

You have not given up to the helplessness that accompanies feeling like dog poo.

Then toast yourself with a coffee and Baileys.


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