Encore: Just Because It’s Old Doesn’t Mean It’s Ugly

There is a little old house

that sits in a little old yard

I pass every day on my route home from work.

It is a charming little (tiny really, maybe 700 square feet max) bungalow with an ancient beige stucco exterior and a front stoop painted a brilliant white.

Often I’d see a little old couple mowing the lawn or trimming hedge and always,


tending to the beautiful flowers in terracotta pots and deep black soil beds scattered throughout the front yard.

It was neat and tidy.

Fairy tale charming.

It glowed.

But these last couple of months I’ve noticed a big black truck parked in the drive. The lawn has not been mowed and the weeds have strangled any flowers that may have once raised their blossoms to the sun.

It looks shaggy

and neglected

and sad.

My feeling is that the new owners don’t tend to the home because it’s old and it’s not worth their while.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe they’re just busy.

But I wish they’d see that and old little house can be more beautiful than the cold palatial homes built “on the other side” of town.

I enjoy driving through new neighborhoods and seeing all the new homes,

the impressive windows

and three car garages.

And I “ooh” and “ahh” and find them impressive.

But don’t ask for a description as I can remember nary a one.

But the little old house

with the welcoming white stoop

I can see clearly in my mind’s eye.

Because I smiled every time I passed it by.


One thought on “Encore: Just Because It’s Old Doesn’t Mean It’s Ugly

  1. Oh this was a perfect post for me! I am a sucker for little old houses, I especially am attached to those old ramshackled farm houses you see teetering on the edge of a busy interstate. They stand there wringing their hands, their broken windows blinking at the rapid pace of the world going by.

    I am glad you are there to give that lovely house a smile and a kind thought when you pass by. This may sound strange but I like to think that houses have souls, or perhaps just shadows of souls of the ones who have lived in them…

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