Encore: Creamy Chocolate Fudge Cake

You know what I like about Friday evenings? Not that it’s a time of partying or dancing or late night carousing,

which it very well could but doesn’t have to be.

No. I like the fact the entire weekend is sitting before me. Time filled with potential. Like an entire chocolate fudge cake just removed from the oven and sitting on the kitchen counter cooling. Waiting to be covered in creamy buttermilk icing.

Anticipating the first forkful then devouring the entire thing.

This evening the cake is still sitting on the counter. It’s early Friday evening and I’m in my flannel pajamas curled up in bed


with blessed relief,

that I have the ENTIRE weekend before me.

The pieces of my weekend vary from week to week. Sometimes one piece will be to sleep in as long as my body (and mind) will let me, my mission being to stockpile as much REM as possible. It’s decadently delightful to wake up when the sun is already up!

Sometimes my second piece of weekend cake is to get my house “in order”


Cleaning bathrooms, washing floors and doing laundry. Always with good intentions but oftentimes never accomplished. I may have to just pick away at this piece throughout the week. I wish I enjoyed the taste of this piece more than I do, but is usually find it


and dry

and more boring than not.

A third piece, of course, is to visit and coffee and partake in joyous libations with friends. A standing morning coffee with parents, a jaunt to the farmers market. Lunch or supper with friends. Strengthening the bonds of friendship

with the investment of time.

Often a piece will include work. Sad but true. It’s this piece that makes me feel guilty if I don’t partake. I’ll have to accomplish a bit of marking and planning just to settle any work anxiety that may surface

and niggle

at any attempt at an entire weekend of vegetation.

And, sometimes, if a final piece remains it will be one of complete indulgence. A massage, a pedicure, an afternoon of window shopping, looking for nothing and everything in particular. Or maybe even a couple or three or (shall I dare say it) four hours of reading…FICTION!

But for now,

at this very minute,

the cake sits in its entirety on my kitchen counter. An entire weekend waiting for me to cut into it and devour it at will.

But for now,

just knowing it exists

makes me simply happy.


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