Encore: The Here and Now

Most days it’s frustrating to live in the future

where all you do is worry about what may happen or what is to come.

You lose yourself in a time that,

for the moment,

is irrelevant.

And worry about the drive you have to take on snow-covered streets…tomorrow

or the meeting you were supposed to have last week that was rescheduled for this coming Thursday.

You lose sleep over dentist appointments scheduled nine months from today.

The same emotional upheaval doesn’t happen when it’s something positively exciting that is in the future.


The “can’t wait for Christmas morning” excitement has seems to flee with the onset of adulthood and responsibilities.

We forget to see the beauty or the importance of the present.

The lessons to be learned in the here and now.

Tomorrow let’s try to live in the present.



One thought on “Encore: The Here and Now

  1. I find myself stressing a lot about the future and the changes that are happening in my life. I think to myself that I want to fast forward past the stress of it all but when I stop and think about it, it makes no sense at all. There will always be “stuff” ahead of us, some good some bad, and that is simply the way it should be. It is there and we are here looking forward and forgetting to just open our eyes to the now.

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