A Day Filled With Junior High Moments

Today was a day filled with junior high moments.

It started in the morning when my alarm went off and it was time to get up for work. Usually my morning routine is perfunctory, without thought or emotion until a couple of cups of coffee are consumed. And most often I head to work with a light enough step and a welcomed sense possibility for what could be accomplishment in the day. But not this morning. This morning what first entered my mind was “I don’t wanna go to scho..I mean work.” And I was indignant at the thought of obligation and responsibility. All I wanted t do is stay in bed. All day.

But I didn’t.

In line at Starbucks in the morning an annoying, pompous person in front of me was acting rude and superior towards one of the baristas. He would turn to me as if trying to get me to agree with his behaviour as he expounded stupidly. And all I wanted to say was “you’re ugly and you smell”.

But I didn’t.

Not very adult-like and certainly not kind. And now I feel a little guilty for thinking it. Thank goodness as we grow older we weave a filter that in some instances may serve in self-preservation.

At work I attended a meeting. At moments, when my mind would drift and I grew restless l would write notes to the people sitting next to me and doodle happy faces and fish on my handouts. And I wanted to fold my meeting agenda into a big ol’ airplane and sail it across the room.

But I didn’t.

Then I remembered that meetings most often become interesting with active engagement and I proffered an opinion and a thought or two.

At the end of the day I came home and all I wanted to have for supper is ice cream instead of a healthy balanced meal with a protein and two vegetables.

So I did.

And with this slight shedding of adult responsibility and decorum I put on some Air Supply, put my hair in a banana barrette and call my sister to debrief about the day and share a giggle or two.


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