A Pitiful Post of Pet Peeves

It was a grumpy day.

So I’m participating in what’s supposed to be a cathartic writing exercise. Without getting political, or religious, or overly righteous for that matter.

The following really pis….er, I mean, the following are 20 of a long list of my pet peeves:

1. While driving, having someone going 10km under the speed limit pull out in front of me.

2. When the smell of someone’s dinner has permeated their clothing.  Nothing worse than sitting by someone who smells like day old pot roast.

3. Chew. And worse yet, “after”-chew.

4. The fact the taxes and service fees for an online airline ticket cost almost as much as a one-way fare.

5. Getting my mail delivered once a day five days of the week.  The slums in Mumbai get mail delivered twice a day six days a week.   And don’t get me started on the perfection of Great Britain’s Royal Mail Service.

6.  All the paperwork it takes to get reimbursed for something that isn’t my fault.

7.  People who need a movie explained to them … while they are watching the movie, in the movie theater.

8.  People who feel the need to text or use their BlackBerry 24/7.  Seriously, you’re not that important.

9.  People who feel the need to post the status of their relationship by the minute on social networking sites.

10. People who consistently play the victim.

11. Institutional green

12 .The smell of stale cigarette smoke.

13. Intellectual Arrogance.

14. People who have always “delegated” but never have never “done”.

15. Having 6 appointments (all non-work related) booked for one week.

16. Hair Static

17. Big, unexpected, mayonnaise dollops in a sandwich.

18. The fact it usually takes me longer to make a meal than it does to eat it.

19. Not finding Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream at a big name grocery story WHEN YOU REALLY NEED STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING ICE CREAM.

20. Anything written by Nicolas Sparks.

Thanks!  I feel so much better now.  Definitely a writing exercise I highly recommend.


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