Encore: Crazy Koi

The feeding koi are beautifully barbaric.

They swim leisurely under the surface of the water. Large iridescently orange and red or white with midnight speckles. Looking elegant and unassuming. Sunlit swimming rainbows moving around each other in some sort of fish ballet.


a little girl interrupts their dance by throwing food pellets and the graceful ballet becomes a frenetic cacophony of colours.

The koi become ruthless in their attempt to consume as much as they can,

giving up their poise and dignity in order to indulge.

One chaotic mass.


This astonishing frenzy happens in the human world as well. Those who put on an exterior of elitist decorum moving through society and the community with refinement and charm until pellets of misplaced ambition are thrown in front of them.

Then they will relinquish their “beautiful” exterior to swim over and above the perceived competition of others for usually nothing more than momentary pleasure.



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