In honour of the Academy Awards!!!

Knickknackery and Notions

I admit to liking glitz and glam.  Sure, I often put on the persona of being the farm girl, born and raised in a small Northern Alberta town and being relatively content at being so.


I would love to attend a “grand” event.

A royal wedding.

A diplomatic dinner.

The Academy Awards.

And it isn’t just for the experience of the event itself.  No.  It’s the preamble and the aftermath that I find attractive as well.

First of all the anticipation.  The buying of the clothing.  A spring church wedding, a pastel colored skirt and jacket with matching snap purse with short handle strap hanging from my wrist or further down my elbow.

A simple black cocktail dress for a dinner.  Simple sophistication in cut, accessorized by unobtrusive diamond earrings and tennis bracelet.

And Awards!  I would go with a navy blue or a blood-red.  Simply cut and fitted…

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