Emergency Procedures in Case of a Gloomy Day

Life is a funny thing. Calendar months filled with days of sunshine and others dotted with gloom. It is during those days where the heart seems heavy and melancholy comes to visit that we resort to whatever comforts us even if it’s only for an hour or merely a minute. My list of comfort “go tos” goes something like this:

1. Putting on a pair of soft, well-worn, washed 10000000000x flannel pajamas.

2. Curling up in a quilt with hot cocoa and Bailey’s and watching any “Classic” story from BBC. “Our Mutual Friend”, “Little Dorrit”, “Jane Eyre”.

3. Drinking Bailey’s straight up.

4. Eating warm porridge with milk and brown sugar.

5. Putting my grey, ratty, Dallas Cowboy sweat shirt in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for a few minutes then taking it out and wearing it when it’s toasty and smelling heavenly.

6. Lying in a hot bubble bath with a couple of home decorating or fashion magazines lying on the toilet seat within arms reach.

7. Going for a walk and taking deeeeeeeeeeeep long breaths. A walk away from the traffic and the dust.

8. A grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for supper.

9. Bundling myself in bed with my iPod Nano listening to Melvyn Bragg’s “In Our Time” or the NY Times book review podcasts.

10. Cuddling a purring kitty.

11. Going to the bookstore ,with no title in mind, and slowly walking up and down the aisles only picking up the books whose covers intrigue me.

12. Scavenging hugs from the nieces.

13. Sharing a ginger ale and talking about the day with my dad.

As I peruse this list I notice most possess elements of softness and warmth and family (and thankfully only two list booze!). Something to keep in mind when those dreary days sneak up and we’re at a loss as to what to do.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and wallowing (which some of us are apt to do), figure out what small and simple practices you’ve done in life that comfort you

and refer to them

in case of gloomy day emergency.


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