Encore: Thus I Refute Bacilli

Hmmmm. I’ve noticed lately that my entries have been mottled with complaints about feeling under weather. Now, I’m not usually a whiner, just ask my mom. When I was a kid I supposedly had an abscessed tooth that was only discovered at my yearly check up. The dentist wondered why I hadn’t noticed. Then I had a “bone infection” at ten years of age and spent two months, including Christmas, in the hospital and maintained a cheery disposition.

Besides the predictable migraine this fall and winter I haven’t been hit with a cold or a down – and – out, sock- the- life -force out of you flu where I’ve been bed ridden for days….


some sort of germ has been dancing in the periphery of my existence and tickles my nose and teases my gut without settling in long enough for me to build up antibodies.

I blame it on the weather.

It’s been the winter of extremes. +5 to -35 within 48 hours. The changes in air pressure are enough to make anyone dizzy with acclimatization. You know how mountain climber and deep-sea divers have to slowly prepare their bodies for huge changes in pressure? I think the same thing happens during times of schizophrenic weather patterns.

But of course I’m no expert. I haven’t even Googled it.

I’m just saying.

Anyway, I wish I’d just be sick and be over with it. I’m beginning to feel sorry for myself and worse yet I’m beginning to wear my grumpiness on my sleeve.

And on my shoulder.

And in my tone.

It has caused a perpetual furrowing of my brow…something that is defeating the purpose of my skin tightening serum. Which is never a good thing.

So I say this: “ I banish you germ. I banish you to the toothbrush and the doorknobs of any toady bootlickers who drive and text, or raise taxes, or belittle children! A pox on your houses! A pox I say!”


Off to bed early for me this evening.

Maybe I’ll be less melodramatic in the morning.

But I doubt it.


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