Encore: Tides of Green and Magical Mirrors

A wave of green.

Apple green to be exact.

It weaves and bobs through crowds of travelers carrying backpacks and carry-on luggage. The apple green wave is made up of eleven people of varying shapes and sizes and ages.  The main distinguishing factor amongst the group is that each member dons an identical, green, cotton t-shirt. Upon closer inspection each person seems genetically linked to one, or two, or three, sometimes four other people in the tide

be it reflected in a smile,

a gesture,

or the smallness of the earlobes.

They pretty much stay all together.  Every once in a while one of them breaks away and buys a water, or a magazine, or goes to the washroom.

We are on a family vacation. The first one in a long time. The first one ever that includes extended family. I am proud to be part of this pack. Part of this family. Part of this tide or “team green” as we’ve been dubbed by airport workers, custom officials and security personnel.

And we’ve got baggage tags to match.

I, in a matter of minutes can see where I can belong. All I have to do is look around me and spy a green shirt. Now don’t get me wrong, as soon as we get to our final destination off comes the green shirt so I can maintain a sense of individuality or anonymity if need be, but for the moment it feels good to be a part of a group. Especially en route to some place new.

To belong.

And I wonder when this happened? This feeling of peace for who I am. This contentment for who I belong to. And I see, in front of me the past in my parents, the present in my sisters and the future in my nieces,

all woven together with the colour of green.

“Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.” Gil Lumet Buckley


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