Oh to Find That Magical Time Portal

Some days are magic.

Or so they seem to be.

When you wake up, heart racing,

believing there is not enough minutes to accomplish everything that must be done before the sunsets.

And so you get up and


several tasks at once.

Head bent, eyes focused.

But not before the first hour where you do nothing but spin in circles,

doing a bit of this

and a tad of that

because you haven’t taken a moment to triage your list.

After that hour you find your flow




Finishing marking late assignment, entering report card marks, laundry, groceries, unit planning, returning emails, paying bills.

When you finally stop (because you can now see over the mountain of work) you realize

that it’s only 5:09

and you have time to sit

and breathe

and write about the day.

And wonder how it was that you found that portal in the universe where time moved slow enough for you to get control.

And hope you can find it again.


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