Little Morsels of Happiness

It’s that time of year again.  You know the time…wrapping up the end of courses, reviewing for final exams, preparing and writing diplomas.  Tension is so thick you could cut it with a spatula instead of a knife.  That being said, here are a few distractions getting me through the season of wailing and gnashing of teeth:

1.  The BBC series “Luther”.  So, so , SO GOOD.  Well written.  Suspenseful.  Superbly acted.  It’s what is distracting me from the panic attacks that wake me up at three in the morning.

2.  Green sour skittles.  Just the green ones. Tart and tasty and banishes the coffee taste.

3.  Glysomed hand cream.  Because the cold air, and the maelström of marking make for flaky, cracked hands.

4. The fresh-cut flowers on my table that remind me spring is on the way.

5.  Random texts and phone messages of encouragement from friends and family.

6.  The message from Mom “come over for supper after work.  I’m trying a new recipe.”  On a day I had to resort to Cornflakes for supper.

7.  Students who hang out in my classroom before class and during lunch because its “safe and cozy”.

8.  The best, sweetest, crunchiest Gala apples bought at Save On foods this week.

9.  The gentle Chinook this morning before it turned into obnoxious gusts this afternoon.

10.  Home by 6:00pm

Hope your day was filled with little morsels of happiness!


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