I Need To Play In The Sun

Yesterday I came home just in time to chase the sun.

But I didn’t succeed in catching it.

The days are short and the day finished early (a rarity for me) and so I tried to BE in the sun for as long as I could before it hid below the horizon.

It’s brightness tempted and teased me all day.

Starting first thing in the morning

showing off in a fiery red sunrise.

And it shone brightly through my window at work for the entire day.

Thrilling my students with its warmth and cheerfulness. Reminding them (and me) to long, warm summer days of continuous light.

It beckoned.

It flirted.

It made up for its absence yesterday when it stubbornly hid behind the clouds allowing for a frenzy of snow.

Which wasn’t nearly as charming.

So I went for a walk somewhat frantic in nature having to go out and play with the sun before it was called home to the other side of the planet.

And I made it in time,

but barely.

It’s light kept me company for a good forty minutes before

I was left alone,

in the twilight, the final blocks home.

And today it was nowhere to be found.

Blocked by grey clouds and more snow that blew and swirled and stung my face.

But I knew it was there,

behind the clouds,

waiting for another day to keep me company.


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