Astrology, Chihuahuas and Living With Intent

So my horoscope for today in the Globe and Mail is:

“If your aims and ambitions are a bit vague now is the ideal time to sit down and decide what it is you want and how you intend to get it. The sun in Sagittarius will open your mind to new ideas – and bring new opportunities.”

Errr, ok.

I don’t usually read horoscopes unless I’m riding in a car on a long road trip with friends and to wile away the time we buy tabloid newspapers to find out which celebrity has given birth to a Martian, how reptiles mistake Chihuahuas for rodents, and what the stars have in store…

or if I’m standing in a really long line at the supermarket.

Anyway, it seems my “aims and ambitions” lately have been merely to make it through the week. When was it that I became too entrenched in the reality of my life that waking up each morning basically means the start of checking off tasks for the day?

One of them being “work”.

I feel as though I’ve been living “vague” lately. That my routine has become formless and nondescript. Not that I feel as though my days are a waste of time, in fact most days I feel as though the effort I’m exerting is well worth getting up in the morning.

I’ve always admired those people who have always know exactly what they’ve wanted to do

instead of mucking and messing until settling for something that will suffice.

I grew up with a girl who, for her entire childhood, knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. And that’s exactly what she became

a veterinarian.

I, on the other hand ran the gambit: lab technician, truck driver, secret service agent, nun. Until fiinally settling on High School English teacher…

some days just as adventurous as “secret service” agent I’ll have you know.

I’ve always treated the glimmers of my “ambitions” tentatively, as if they were fragile little bubbles floating in the ether. Not sure why. More afraid to succeed maybe than to fail?

So, I’m about to embark upon “opening my mind to new ideas” but not because the stars have aligned themselves “just so” but because no ones day should feel as though it’s merely a list of obligations. “Making it to the end of the week” isn’t exactly an aspiration. A necessity, perhaps, to pay the bills and help contribute to a retirement fund, but nowhere near audacious or romantic enough to even hold my own interest…and I’m the one living it.

To live life with intent.

I’ll let you know how goes the adventure!


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