… And So It Ends

Please listen to this link as you read the following:

Today we mourn the passing of what was a time of great joy and celebration.

It was time of sleeping in until late morning and facing the day with Bailey’s poured generously into that first cup of coffee.

It was a time of Hobbits and hangovers,

of carbohydrates and cream,

and of chocolates galore.

Afternoons were spent buried in reading the books that had accumulated over the months and had found their way to one big pile beside the bed,

or searching for that one rogue piece of jigsaw puzzle that fit right in the middle of the big periwinkle blue sky.

Gone are the hours where we could get our nose above the waterline of work and chip at the accumulation of marking papers and entering marks and strategizing for the remaining few weeks before government exams.

the wondrous afternoon when we could tackle the junk drawer,

and the multitude of lunch dates.

We will miss you, holiday of holidays.

We will miss the twinkling of lights, the smell of pine, and the wrapping paper under the tree.

We will miss the visiting, the gorge fests,

and sadly, we will miss the naps.

Most of all, we will miss the expanse of time you offered.

We will remember you with great fondness because of the memories you have created. And as we brace ourselves for the frenzy of tomorrow and the maniacal chaos the reality of Monday poses,

we are grateful for the rest and recuperation you gave.


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