Encore: Fits and Giggles

The truly great aren’t afraid of their goofy side. Lets face it. Those in the world with the most influence, those who seen to be regarded in the highest regard, and those we look up to the most are the ones who aren’t afraid once in a while to look like they’re having fun and enjoying life. These people aren’t afraid to stray over to the humourous side even when wearing the mask of professionalism or maturity.

Two news stories that are getting the most play this week have to do with letting down your guard and appreciating the lighter side of life. The first concerns the Swiss Finance minister catching a case of the giggles when reading a report filled with bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. Television new services and video feed on the Internet showed a slim, balding, elderly man starting his report with composure and decorum, but soon the blatant pompous jargon composing the report had him pausing to control his laughter then loosing all control and collapsing in a fit of giggles. You can hear the other politicians in the background, unable to control themselves and soon laughing along with him. The juxtaposition of this distinguished man wiping his eyes in glee is a welcome contrast to what otherwise would have been a typically humdrum day of news.

The second example is a Lithuanian father video taped dancing to Justin Beibers “Baby” as he daughters attempt a serious vocal performance. The video is getting some serious playtime on YouTube with over a million hits. His two lovely daughters are standing side by side, composed and serious attempting at a professional music performance while there, in the background, is their father cutting loose, dancing in the background looking as though he’s having the time of his life.

I believe most of us enjoy witnessing supposed people in “positions”- politicians, and department heads and fathers for example, laugh and look like they’re not afraid of harmless eccentricity. We are amused when our Prime Minister plays an impromptu Beatles piece on the piano at a fundraiser. We enjoy seeing our boss wear a boa at the Christmas party if only for a few minutes. It’s testament to the fact that none of us should take ourselves too seriously. We like to see others appreciate goofiness and frivolity because we’re reminded that it’s one attribute that makes us human. Those that do take themselves seriously all the time are often those with which we don’t want to spend a whole lot of time. Their sense of self-importance sucking all the fresh air out of the room.

So next time an opportunity arises where we can showcase our lighter side,

where we can display a childlike appreciation for the moment at hand

we should embrace it

and chances are we and those around us will remember it as the highlight of the day.


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