Reposting “The Urge to Bowl”

Today was a busy day and I feel like ending it off by bowling.

I would play my game in a mindless way. No need for strategy. No need to compete. Just put myself in someone else’s shoes and shoot a ball down an alley. The end result being the toppling over of pins. The ball would make that nice anticipatory rolling sound and then…

wait for it…


the clattering of maple wood!

That feeling of accomplishment without doing anything all that taxing.

Ever have those kind of days where you wish you could have tangible evidence that something has been accomplished? That “pins” have been knocked over and a score has been calculated? Not all the pins have to be knocked over at once. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that one task has been fully accomplished. One email has resolved some issue. One pin has been knocked over. And if not all the “pins” are knocked over, I still have another ball to use.

It’s nice to know there is an endless stream of bowling balls at my disposal. Endless resources and support. All I have to utilize them. Aim straight, and release. Hopefully steering clear of the gutter.

Some days, one ball, one action clears the alley. My timing, my form, the energy that I exert is just perfect and all the pins fall using only one ball. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does life seems, tidy and easy and neat. Other days … gutter ball after gutter ball after gutter ball.

But it doesn’t matter because, hey, who said you had to keep score?

And I’d wear the shirt. It would be loose and cool and pink. I wouldn’t have to tuck it into my pants. It would have a pseudonym stitched on it’s pocket. Something like


or “Tallulah” or

“Queen of the Universe”.

I wonder if it’s perceived as pathetic practice to go to a bowling alley and bowl a couple of games alone?


One thought on “Reposting “The Urge to Bowl”

  1. Haha that sounds lovely! If you had the pink shirt with a name on it and practiced alone, I bet you would just look like a super pro getting ready for your next big game. Even your gutter balls would look well-timed and intentional!

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