A Time of Reckoning? Or Resolution?

So I've decided to bite the bullet and make some resolutions for the new year. Last year I had 2, and I upheld them better than I thought I would. The first one was to make a concerted effort to pack a lunch to work (yes, for years I would rush out the door grabbing an apple and a jar of peanut butter, or crackers and cheese….most days I would snatch a fry or two off the plates of unsuspected students in the lunch room). My second resolution for 2012 was to cook more. Ok, ok, it was to cook. And I did, quite often! My favourite dishes being hoisin chicken stir-fry with wild rice, tortellini salad and pesto shrimp pizza.

This year I have four resolutions, that's right, count 'em FOUR! And as gentle encouragement to follow through with them I have decided to spell them out in black and white for all of the blogosphere to view….

Hydrate. I don't drink. I have a grande americano in the morning and then pretty much consume nothing else of any substance for the rest of the day…unless it's another Americano. Then I wonder why I feel puckered and parched and dull headed. So I've added many a scrumptious herbal tea to my cupboard and have purchased a good insulated travel mug. This, along with slamming back a glass of water every morning before I jump in the shower should help with that foggy feeling that settles in around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Get fit. I know, I know, me as well as millions and millions of others have put this on the resolution list. Noticed I didn't say “loose weight”. No, I've played THAT game before and have, after two weeks into the new year, felt like a “loser” of another kind. No, the phrase “getting fit” sound more personal, like I'm working towards something that is best for me and me alone. “Losing weight” possesses connotations of fulfilling someone else's expectations like the media, society, the handsome man you've had your eye on.

I'm going to call bullshit when I see it. No worries, for the most part I will use the upmost of diplomacy skills so that I don't alienate everyone in my immediate vicinity. But I figure I've spent too much time in life misinterpreting, over-analyzing and plain and simply putting up with insubstantial, cotton candy opinions rhetoric and “feelings” that merely act as filler so that people don't have to commit, move on or deal with the reality before them.

Ahhh, number 4. The art of reframing. I had a wonderful discussion with my friend Christopher where I went on a rant that was filled with “I'm tired of this and I'm tired of that. What I want is…..” Christopher suggested I start saying “I can't wait until….” or “I'm so looking forward to…”. Now I know there's been a plethora of books out there dealing with positive self talk, affirmations, the power of gratitudes but I'm a HUGE self talker (my favourite phrase to myself is “you're such a loser”). This simple strategy makes sense to me. Christopher also referred “Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra and I am a fan of Chopra.

Well, this is my list. What sort of goals have your set for yourself this new year? What is your plan of execution? Do you have a support system in place. Whatever they are the best of luck to you all….and we'll convene to discuss how successful we've been next year this time.


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