Musings Upon the Practice of “Re-gifting”

Christmas is just around of the corner for those of you who still don’t know the calender page has been flipped and we are now beyond the cusp and well within the month of December. Tis the season for festivals and craft fairs and pictures with Santa. It is also, obviously the season for shopping for Christmas gifts which makes me stop and reflect upon the well known practice of “regifting”.

Now, I’m conflicted when it comes to regifting. I have to admit to participating in the practice but I’ve always made darn sure to NEVER regift a gift TO THE SAME PERSON WHO SENT IT TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE.

That would just be rude.

You have to be VERY careful when participating in this practice.

I regift books. Books are good gifts to regift because if you’re careful you can ingest the essence of the gift and pass it on to someone else who can then enjoy it just as thoroughly as you did. Just be careful not to drip coffee on any of the pages, or fold and crinkle the corners. If anything, the book should look appreciated not used

Never regift chocolates.

Or socks.

Or, heaven forbid, underwear.

One year I recieved a pretty glass serving dish from a childhood friend of mine. Upon closer inspection I realized it was the same gift I bought her two Christmases earlier. Funnily enough she and I are no longer close. I don’t think it’s because of the glass dish…however if I reflect long enough maybe the dish is symbolic of something else…something deeper …something more sinister…

(sorry. Too much Dickens the last few weekends has led me to be somewhat melodramatic…)

Anyway, regifting is a good idea if its intent is to pass on a legacy or remembrance of sorts, or if it’s for an office gift exchange where you’re supposed to side on hilarity ( One time I got THE ugliest florescent green doily that eventually made it’s way through to the bridal shower circuit).

If you’re tempted to take the easy way out and just scour the house for an object you’ve never used, or an article that slightly used and will not be missed, I suggest you just package it up and donate it to the Salvation Army instead of handing it over with a smug grin to an unassuming friend. Most friends would rather just share a good glass of Eggnog (heavy on the nog) instead of unknowingly help in the decluttering of your home.

Now some people claim that they regift because they are actually “recycling” and therefore saving the environment. If this is the case there are websites that will help you with all your regifting needs. All you have to do is google. But before you carefully wrap up those crocheted hot pot holders great Aunt Dot so loving made you and pass them off to someone else, consider the motivation behind your actions. Are you trying to save a couple of dollars? Are you doing so in attempt to convince yourself that they’ll be happier hot pot holders in someone else’s home? Are you acting upon some weird obligatory feeling you have because a person has presented you with a gift and you feel the need to reciprocate? Or, do you honestly feel that this friend of yours will love and appreciate the creative integrity of said hot pot holders?

Happy happy shopping everyone!!


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