Cracking the Christmas Curmudgeon

Much to my sister’s dismay I have decided not to put up a Christmas tree.

Not because I’m pulling an Ebenezer or that I’m trying to be environmentally conscious, I just don’t feel like having a tree in the abode.

It’s too much work and messes with the feng shui.

The sister seriously thinks I am need an intervention of some sort

or at the very least a festive spirit shake up.

It just doesn’t seem like Christmas.

Does one have to participate in “holiday cheer” activities in order to get into the holiday mood, or does it eventually settle on you like some mystical fairy dust mingling and tingling into your very fiber so that you have no choice but to sing fa la la?

Now this isn’t a post where I’m going to wax theological, no, it is one where I’m just going to muck around in the ponderation of what motivates an individual to participate in holiday seasons.

Is it a sense of obligation where we feel the need the day special for those we care about especially the wee ones?

Is it because “we’ve always done so.” I

mean, what really is the point of Cookie exchange and Secret Santas if not to create extra work and a swack load of organization? It’s barely December yet and I’m already surrounded by those who are already wound as tight as a top because of the length of their “to do” list.


there was a light this week.

A bright light of what the fuss may be all about.

This week a smidge of the “spirit” snuck through my Grinch like exterior.

At the High School where I teach we’ve been buying gifts for needy families. And the sweet Santas at our school, students and teachers alike, have been more than generous. People are


and giving

and giving.

So much so that it has made this Christmas Curmudgeon go out and buy a poinsettia.

I guess that no matter what the occasion, if the act of giving is involved it can’t help but invoke a spirit that is good.


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