Wrecking Havoc or Creating Miracles

Time heals what reason cannot. ~Seneca

It’s interesting how much difference a day can make.

I’m sure I’ve written about this phenomenon before but I am continually amazed at how,

over the course of a measly twelve hours

a person can go from being mired in the deepest darkest pit of disappointment

to walking on sunshine.

Without being diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

This change cannot merely be a matter of perspective.

Maybe it’s the alignment of stars

or a shower of meteors


the pull of the earths gravity with the passing of night into day.

“Time” has to play a part.

True, the passing of time wrecks havoc


it also creates miracles.

Time doesn’t mean the erasing of memories, never the erasing of memories,

but the blurring

and sanding

and softening the harshness some memories can bring.

Patience is the key to living the cliché “this too shall pass”.

Because it does.

In the meantime you just need to remember to breathe.

And wait with hope.


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