A Post Written Whilst Under the Influence

“Headaches are like resolutions. You forget them as soon as they stop hurting” – Marion Crane in “Psycho”

I stayed close to home today and had a showdown with a migraine.

It wasn’t pretty.

He’s quite a dastardly entity, my migraine that lives around the periphery of my life rearing his ugly, inconvenient head from time to time. This morning, the migraine had the advantage because I was tired and grumpy after a poor night’s sleep where I danced and skittled around the beast using medication as my shield. So throughout the day I slept in and medicated then slept some more. And you know what? I think I’ve banished him for the moment. So I’ve decided to pop in a DVD and watch a story that possessed another dastardly fellow, Willoughby from Pride and Prejudice. (I originally popped in Hitchcock’s “Psycho” because Norman Bates seemed a more appropriate character representation of my headache) But I decided to put gore and morbidity aside and concentrate on a more seductive character.

John Willoughby.

Maybe Austen didn’t intend Willoughby to be entirely reprehensible. And one can argue that he, in the end, gets what he deserves and suffers an unhappy life because of his choices but I can’t help but think Willoughby is more than just stupid or careless or “typically” male. Sure he’s careless and yes, we all can understand the desire for wanting to live a comfortable life. But really, must you leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake? Anything but original behaviour if you ask me. And, at this moment I’m really, REALLY annoyed at Marianne for falling for his charm and dashingly good looks…

but it could be the medication talking.

So, just to add salt to my indignation, I’ll watch a couple of episodes of “Mad Men” just to witness more dastardliness from the dapperest dastardly dude himself…Don Draper.

Ok, maybe I’m not truly indignant I mean both characters have graciously offered a distracted respite from my head pain. Which makes me wonder why I’m using both Willoughby and Draper in a post about my headache and actually dismissed Norman Bates when Norman himself is a more appropriate point of reference for a comparison between migraines and fictional characters.

And now that I’ve reached the end of what appears to be a post that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense I realize that my main motivation wasn’t just to help in battling what appears to be a win on my part (at least for the time being) a migraine that has been intent on harassing me for a couple of days now by keeping me occupied while the med’s kick in,

but rather an excuse to use my new favourite word of the moment…



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