A Case for Creating

Years ago, when I visited San Diego, I found a beautiful little book that was based on an original a child’s journal of her stay at the Hotel Del Coronado. The drawings were charming and delicate and surprisingly sophisicated for a child’s rendition of her vacation. After reading it I wrote the following :

Does the bombardment of media, the advances of technology stifle creativity?

I think it does.

I look at replications of a child’s journal and drawing of her vacation and that level of skill can only come from practice.

In the early part of the 20th century, instead of sitting for hours in front of the internet, playstation, or Wii for that matter, children would write or draw and build and play.

Every day.

When I think about the hours I’ve spent in front of the television, or with my lap top perched on my lab, or playing Mario Cart Wii instead of creating…

…I’ve always felt this urge, this desire to paint or draw or write, but I’m diverted by convenience. Instantaneous achievement no matter how minimal and shallow.

You click on a wesite and instantly you arrive at where you want to be. An immediate end result is achieved. You complete or win (if you’re not playing with your 11 year old neice) a race on Mario Cart and feel that momentary sense of “I’ve done it!”

If a brief sense of happiness is achieved when a person is challenged and experiences accomplishment immediately…where and when does patience and practice come into play?

Do people even know what patience feels like?

I’ve only been moved to tears by art where time as been invested. The Venus de Milo. Gustave Dore’s “Enigma”. Michelangelo’s David. Effort exerted. Passion displaced. The slow unveiling of a truth.

Can immediacy and convenience ever convert to classics that withstand the test of time.


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