Reposting “Pampushkies In Your Pocket”

It’s Christmas and my mother is making pampushkies. Pampushskies are Ukrainian Christmas donuts. They’re delicious deep fried pockets of poppy seed butter goodness. A person could sit and pop a dozen in one sitting and be all the happier for it. I’ve done this, so I know. While visiting the parents today I popped four of them in my pockets…just incase I needed them later on in the day.

And I got to thinking, little things like homemade donuts can make a bad day better. Could you imagine keeping a stash pampushkies in your pocket for emergency purposes?

“Oh, I’m so sorry your dog died. Here, try one of these.”


“Bad day at work? I know. This will help.”

or better yet

“What? You broke up with your boyfriend? There, there. Here you go, eat this.”

Now I’m not advocating eating deep fried “anything” as a cure-all for times when life, well, when life just sucks. But what I am saying is that a momentary thinking of something “good”, even something little, can make the bumps in a day smoother.

And I’m pretty certain every day is filled with little pockets of good, it’s just a matter of noticing them.

For example, a lot of people know of the website where people share embarrassing and hurtful anecdotes from their day, a few are somewhat funny but a lot are truly horrible and I don’t honestly understand why anyone would want to actually relive the experience in print. BUT did you also know there is a website called “It Made My Day” ( where people briefly write about moment in their day that simply made them feel better. Some anecdotes are a bit raw, some a “revenge” oriented, some I just don’t “get”, and none are edited, but most are amusing and light hearted (but isn’t THAT just like life). Moments which would seem like minor blinks but upon closer inspection carry a quirky positivity.

Little examples of “pampushkies” in someone’s day.

So often in our day we think nothing noteworthy has happened because the moment hasn’t smacked us upside the head and therefore we’ve missed it. Or we get so wrapped up in a drama we’ve created we forget that in the midst of that drama are occasions of humour and fleeting moments of delight.


life may not seem as unsubstantial or, on the other hand, as overwhelming if we concentrate on smaller portions.

Minute, savory moments of the day.

Its just like popping a pampushky!



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