Puzzle Party

The seniors have taken over my condo building.

The foyer is often covered in a sea of grey.

But I don’t mind.

What causes this congregation of seasoned retires? Why jigsaw puzzles of course.

About six months ago a large table was dragged into the entryway along with six good chairs. First, one little man and his wife found their way there. Soon others, mostly women, would gather as well,


and helping

and fitting.

My foyer has become quite the hub of activity.

I come and go at various times of the day and there is always someone sitting there, head bent, assembling the fractured image.

I always get a “hello” and a “have a good day.”

At the moment there are two puzzles completed on the table: one a swirling blue and white painting of horses running through clouds in the sky, the second an autumnal forest scene.

There is an aura of contentment through purpose that surrounds this jigsaw table.


Everyone working towards one common goal: the creation of a beautiful image. How wonderful it would be if we lived our life this way,

collaborating to create something delightful within a safe and supportive environment.

I can’t wait to be the age where setting a puzzle is cause for a party.


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