Those Quasimodo Moments

I had a day yesterday where I felt as though the universe was against me. I had an eye infection and a bloody nose to beat all other bloody noses.


I wandered around the condo all morning in my sweats, blood stained tee shirt, paper towel shoved up my nose. Between the goop in my eye and the blood on my shirt I felt anything but ladylike. And all I wanted to do was hide away from everyone including myself.

But, I didn’t.

Eventually I made myself presentable enough to welcome the people delivering my bookshelf. Then I ventured to the drugstore to pick up a prescription

all without causing the people of my village to run in horror and assemble a mob with pitchforks to run me out of town.

But I’m still feeling pretty sorry for myself. So much so I decided to crawl into bed and hide from the world…

and it wasn’t even 7:00pm.

What do you do when you’ve had a day when you feel anything but “ready to take on the world.”? A day where you are more frightening than inspiring. A day where you feel like Frankenstein’s monster,

or Quasimodo.

Do you lay low and stay close to home? Or do you go out in the world in full glory of your insecurities with an attitude of f&*#@ you this is my reality for the moment love me or leave me alone?

Questioning minds want to know.


One thought on “Those Quasimodo Moments

  1. Ah you only reached the paper towel stage of the bloody nose, no need to worry. It’s when you rummage through the kitchen drawer to find a chip bag clip to go with the paper towel, you might need to see a doctor. Hope you feel better.

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