…Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

My little niece recently asked, “Auntie? What are some of your favorite things?” And I off handedly listed “sunshine, jam pirogues, my nieces.” She seemed content with the reply but when I got home I realized that one should really be more specific when asked such an important question. I mean, let’s face it, what we dislike usually comes to mind a lot more quickly AND a frequently in life. “I hate not being able to find a parking spot.” “I loathe flat diet Coke.” ” I find the smell of stale cigarette smoke on clothing nasty.”

Well, after sitting and thinking about it for a good long time (alright, maybe for 20 min while I was sitting in a bubble bath…which, as it turns out , is one of my favorite things) I came up with the following:

1. L’Occitane “Bain Moussant” Ultra rich foaming bath milk. Truly divine. It’s smell. It’s moisturizing capacity. It’s bubble factor. In all my years of practicing the relaxation ritual of the bubble bath, L’Occitane is the best foaming bath liquid out there.

2. The wonderful, usually seemingly randomness of nouns in the names of British Pubs. “The Slug and Lettuce”, “The Drum and Monkey” for example. Usually a total reflection of the pubs ambiance wrapped up neatly in a name.

3. The cornstarch crunch of snow beneath my boots.

4. A cat’s purr. Did you know that studies have shown a purring cat can actually lower a person’s blood pressure? AND I just recently read that a cat’s body temperature is higher than a humans so, if need be, they can act as furry hot water bottles.

5. The television series “Mad Men”. Maybe because the 60’s were the time when my parents were young and single and I see reflections of them in the style of the characters presented. The clothes, the hair, the pop culture. Now, the parents never came close to leading such a decadent lifestyle as Don and Betty Draper, but little things like the ceramic “chip and dip” and tiny delicate wrist watches and white gloves from the show are echoed in old photo albums at my parents house.

6. A good Cabernet Sauvignon. At the moment I’m partial to a cab sav that comes from the Okanagan winery “Blasted Church”.

7. Periwinkle blue. It’s light and feminine and a colour that is simply pretty.

8. Twilight. NO (heaven forbid) not the books or the movies but actual twilight. That time between light and dark when the colour hues seem most intense.

9. Airports. Because when I’m in one it feels as though I’m doing something grandiose without doing anything at all. I’m “in transit”. Off some place other than where I am at the moment.

10. My family. Sometimes they’re wonky. Often times they’re weird. But I wouldn’t trade any of them for all my favorite things in the world.

Without trying to sound too Maria Von Trapp, I ask you what are some of YOUR favorite things?


3 thoughts on “…Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

  1. Hmm some of my favorite things…
    1. When the dog manages to jump into the bed without waking us up or being noticed, because I secretly prefer him to be there!
    2. When people compliment any of my creative endeavors with a compliment that shows they really truly enjoyed it rather than just saying “you’re awesome” or something like that.
    3. Fires in the fireplace at my mom’s house.
    4. Pretty much anything at my mom’s house. Food, wine, candles.
    5. When my dog is laying on me and his feet twitch like crazy.
    6. Being with someone the first time they find a 4-leaf clover.
    7. Shooting stars with a new love.
    Okay I could keep going…but I will reflect on this more!! it’s so fun to think about 🙂

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