The Forgotten Toothbrush

I forgot my toothbrush. And my cold cream. I did, however, remember dental floss and mouthwash. That’ll just have to do. As far as moisturizing lotion goes…I wonder if my organic lip chap will work as face cream without having it make me break out in pustules?

Nope. No chancing it.

I’m on a short jaunt to the big city for work. And I left plenty of time to pack and did so methodically and thoroughly. Remembering everything but two things.

I work much better if I go by the seat of my pants.

I may look high maintenance to most but when I go on trips I’m usually the one with the smallest suitcase. And I take the least amount of time getting reading in the morning. Routine under pressure. Success every time. With the only catastrophe being a forgotten tooth-brush and some moisturizing lotion. I’m pretty proud of this about myself because I require soooooo much work in so many other areas….

guilt issues, worry…

but those are a whole two other entries.

But back to the ramifications of organization or the lack thereof…

This “fly by the pants” philosophy holds true for desk organization and tidiness. I spend more time looking for papers and notes and bills and phone numbers when I tidy up my work space. When I’m on a roll at work, when tasks are being accomplished and great ideas are in the process of manifestation, the messier my desk. My creativity is astoundingly messy. Tidy means I’m stressed or worse yet, creatively impotent . Stalled, and usually frustratingly so. A good cathartic metaphorical puking up of ideas and explanations is inspirational…

it just looks like a muddily attempt.

But it’s really controlled chaos.

The only place this isn’t true is in my home. I’m pretty neat and tidy in my living space. I do have a junk drawer and a junk cupboard. Standard in any home.

Or so I’d like to think.

I have my mother to thank for this. Another carryover, ” clean your home every week”.

I seem to be digressing again…

So a forgotten toothbrush has me thinking about the way I think. I don’t usually think linearly. I think in wooshes and spirals and loop-de-loos. Frustrating sometimes if you’re trying to write a piece in chronological order. Wonderful if you’re writing stream of consciousness.

Which is the course this entry seems to be taking.

So, I’m going to happily sit here and just “be” in my slightly organized, absentminded, untidied state.

Then eventually write a little sticky note to myself to remember to pack my computer in the morning.

Just so I’m covered.


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