Of Haunted Dishwashers and Animated Toilets

For some reason my dishwasher scares me.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

Once a pan was blocking one of the spouts so not enough water could get on the element making it smell smoky. Nothing moving a pan couldn’t solve. Another time I forgot to remove the plastic wrapper off of a packaged little detergent cube and it got stuck on the spout…making it smell smoky again.

Another easy fix, simply remove the plastic.

When I renovated my condo I was without furniture for months and months. Whenever I started my dishwasher it would rattle and clang, or seemed as though it did because every noise caused never ending, deep cavernous echoes even the running of an appliance (don’t get me started on the deafening “humming” of the refrigerator!).

I know I shouldn’t be afraid. Every dishwasher makes noise. Mine, however seems to have a life of it’s own. It reminds me of the house in the animated movie “Monster House”. You know the one that was inhabited by the spirit of a cranky, chubby wife buried in the cellar?

Yeah, the same thing is going on in my dishwasher.

It seems angry.

But obviously I’m not scared enough to exert the time and energy to wash my dishes by hand. No, I load up the dishwasher (some times taking a week…no worries its usually only with morning coffee cups and water glasses… sad I know) plug in my iPod and wait nervously for fifty-seven minutes for cycle to complete itself.

Funny what “scares” us. I can travel to a foreign country by myself, speak in front of thousands but the noise of an appliance agitates me.

And yet I find the random gurgling and spontaneous flushing of my toilet charming.


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