Reposting “Zen and the Plumber”

“If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber.”
– Albert Einstein

So I experienced toilet trauma today. Ok, not REAL trauma, but anyone who knows me knows I hate, no loathe anything that has to do with house repair. Let’s just say the only hammer that exists in my home is the heel of a shoe.

Today, I stayed home from work to keep the threatening migraine that had been taunting me for the last two days at bay, when…

the toilet wouldn’t stop running.

So, as usual, I grabbed my screwdriver (yes I actually have one of those) to do what I normally do and tighten the screw on the floater in the tank


The sound of running toilet water haunts me still.

Anyway, I finally broke down and called a plumber. One of the few in town who could actually make a house call within the remaining daylight hours.

So “Bob” arrived within the hour. Gentlemanly and articulate and with many a story to tell about the advances in plumbing.

It’s a field growing in leaps and bounds I’ll have you know. Ever heard of electronic plumbing?

And Bob knew about it all. Bob seems to love what he does. And it seems as though Bob loves to learn. Plumbing, computers, astrology…

And now I’m jealous of Bob.

See, Bob can save the day by simply replacing a floatation device and epitomizes gentlemanly professionalism while doing so. But Bob doesn’t see himself plumbing for his entire life. No, Bob’s mentors (so he told me) have been plumbers from all over the world. He’s apprenticed with the best of them. Bob sees himself learning everything there is about computers and then astronomy, only falling back on plumbing whenever he would need to.

I need a plan like Bob.

I need to conduct myself with professionalism and eloquence AND humility but still dream

of what else I could do.

What else I could be.

Keeping with the potential fluidity of life instead of stagnating.



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