When the Universe Conspires….

I woke up this morning prepared to do battle with the universe.

Last night I sent myself to bed early because I was cranky. My sleep was a restless one filled frustrating dreams whose meaning evaporated by morning leaving nothing but bitter residue behind.

In the morning, a migraine danced at the periphery of my brain threatening to settle in…. so I medicated early in an attempt to keep the brain breaking beast at bay.

By the time I had battled the blizzarding snow to get to work I had “gotten my grump on good”.


my surliness wasn’t meant to be.

I couldn’t stay grumpy for long.

I received a new student in my morning class, a lovely young man with gentlemanly manners and a positive attitude.

My second block tenth graders love “To Kill a Mockingbird” so much they’re reading ahead on their own.

An eleventh grade boy showed up early to class with a gift of “Sour Skittles” (my favourite) just because he wanted to celebrate the fact he had gotten his driver’s license.

A young lady sat in my class during her spare to work on an essay and brought me a Café Americano in appreciation.

We had a pep rally celebrating the athletic achievement of our football team who are off to fight for the provincial championship.

A snow angel anonymously swept off the gargantuan pile of snow that accumulated on my vehicle throughout the day.

One of my past students, who is now an exceptional teacher, took me out for sushi.

Yesterday I sent spit balls out into the universe with my negative attitude and grumpy demeanor

and today the universe retaliated

with a hug.

Wasn’t expecting it. Not even sure I deserve it.

And I’m thinking tomorrow I will return the favour.


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