An Uber Grumpy Day

I had an uber grumpy day. 

A day where I shouldn’t have been let out in public

but rather locked away somewhere away from the public,

in quiet place with soft, padded walls.

I’m usually a good natured person, trying to see the best in everyone and everything


today, it seemed almost everyone I encountered seemed stupid

or crass

or flippant. 

And all I wanted to do was to yell “SHUT UP” to the world.  

And I couldn’t figure out why. 

It wasn’t as though I was hurt or hormonal or hungry.  And I did have a good night’s sleep.

I think it was because I was viewing my world using grey coloured glasses.  I drove to work in the dark

and came home in the dark

and the sun eluded me the entire day…

like a pouting friend.

So, I’ve crawled into my flannels and have made myself a grilled cheese sandwich

and I will give myself a “time out” for the rest of the day,

even if there is only a few hours left. 


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