Encore: Melodrama and Marbles

Today was a dark day.

You know the kind of day that seems stale and purgatorial. It starts off with not wanting to get out of bed.

But you do.

You don’t find pleasure in the little things. Coffee is tasteless. The clouds are a unbleached cotton dulled dirty grey.

You try to do some school work or clean a bathroom or sort the closet because the accomplishment of little tasks usually makes you feel as though the day has been worth the motion of changing your pajamas for street clothes.

But it doesn’t work.

And you think maybe if you help someone with something it will make you feel useful. But you find your well of patience is dry or at least frozen over and serenity seems inaccessible this day.

You start thinking of those in the world that are worse off than you. Maybe you can guilt yourself into thinking the glass as half full. So you watch and read about the devastation mother nature has wrought on a country half a world away. And you write a cheque.

But the clouds are still that dishwater grey. You start to wonder what level of Dante’s inferno the day reminds you of.

The trapped souls in the frozen lake?

So you trap yourself in the line up at the car wash where it is impossible to back out and away. You’re stuck there for at least an hour. With no company but your own to sit and think and feel sorry for yourself. You could cry if you need without anyone knowing. And decide that if anything, today will be the day you’ll wash the raven poop off the vehicle. You make a mental note not to park under that street light the raven has made his own.

Where he perches and scolds.

An hour later you make my way to your sister’s house where she has invited you to Sunday dinner. You’ve figured why not? The popcorn you had planned for supper can wait until tomorrow.

And you can no longer see the clouds because night has fallen.

You’re greeted by my seven year old niece who convinces you to play a game of marbles. And you’re momentarily stunned by the simplicity of the suggestion.

She’ll be blue and you”ll be yellow.

And you win.

And she laughs.

And the darkness is defeated.


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