Without Using Magic

Today is Halloween.  I’m not one for costumes, at least I haven’t been since I was at university.  For years I’ve tried to figure out how to create a “Queen of the Universe” costume but I just haven’t found the right tiara.    Finally, last year, I settled on my favourite contemporary fictional character:  Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

I love her.

She’s the kind of teacher I’d like to be.  Firm but kind.  Intimidating but not frighteningly so. Strong and protective.  Intelligent and humorous.  Plus, she gets to use all the cool spells.

Isn’t it wonderful when a book can transcends generations?  I had so much fun wearing my costume today, waving my wand and reciting spells.  But what made it REALLY wonderful day was that my students played along with me.  We bonded over the love of a character.

And I received smiles everywhere I walked…

without using any magic.


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